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Fantasy Match Blog Articles Review


Our blog has published 74 curated articles that sum up to half a million symbols. That’s the size of a good book. However, it is not only the volume that the blog may be proud of, but the content as well: for almost two years we’ve been debunking myths, sharing new knowledge of sex and sexuality, and introducing authorities of the sex-positive world.

The article of today is a brief resume of all Fantasy Match blog sex-positive material that addresses 11 sensual topics.



Sexuality and sexual desire



Open and alternative relationships

Monogamish relationships

Kinks and sexual fantasies

BDSM culture

Sex talks (public and between partners)


This is our favorite theme, so we’ll give it a bit more detailed consideration.

We tell the world of couple relationships to have been complemented by the concept of compersion (joy from partner’s new feelings and infatuations) in the article Compersion: a New Word in Alternative Relationships. While the article Compersion Definition: The Anti-Jealousy Drug explains the way compersion helps build relationships net of jealousy.

The blog future plans

The sex-positive blog Fantasy Match deals with all essential and most interesting issues in the field of Sex Ed and intimate relationships that we are interested in.

Not all topics from the sphere of sex and relationships we have by now covered: medicine, physiology, orgasms, gender, gender identity have not been even touched upon.

Our favorite topics are sexual fantasies and kinks, thus we do our best effort for you and your partners to fulfill your fantasies independently and with the help of our Fantasy Match.

It may be your story or the story of some other Fantasy Match user that shall contribute to the blog content in the future. Or maybe we shall devise a new style of describing fantasies, or write a book about jealousy. In any case, we shall not cease charging the world with new ideas and information about a positive attitude to sexuality.