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Monogamish Movie Cast As Trendsetters Of Alternative Relationships. Part II


The article Monogamish Movie Cast As Trendsetters of Alternative Relationships. Part I  has introduced the movie six main characters. Today we continue learning more about Monogamish cast—the people we admire for their progressive ideas and steadfastness in their fulfillment. We complement our fascination with the film actors activity by detailed investigation of their profiles and thus find news sources of ideas about monogamish relationship. These are blogsbooksvideos and even academies that we share with you.

Neil Strauss—a pickup pro

neil strauss

Neil has a very specific list of sex-positive activities:  

- he is a journalist in Ear, New York Times, Rolling Stone and The Village Voice;

- he is the author of the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists—the top in some of bestseller lists that guides you into the world of pickup;

- he screens his books;

- he heads the Stylelife Academy;

- he shoots pickup video tutorials that his academy uses for trainings;

- he develops a board game that deals with seduction;

- he co-authors TV dramas and shows;

- he has been granted the James Joyce Award;

- he runs a blog on his personal website.

Having  mastered the skills of pickup art, he then went on the path of intimacy by falling in love with Ingrid de La O, a model. His stag do was arranged in a funeral style: this was his way to part with pickuper’s life. So it is interesting to know how Neil’s sex-positive life shall develop.

The habit of mindful consideration of the things happening has resulted in Neil’s new book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships. It is where he tells the personal story of having become a happy husband and father and detects bugs in his pickup technology that he now refers to as hard-hearted and hollow. We have not read Neil’s books so we won’t venture giving any kind of reviews.

Stephanie Coonts—a professional family friend

She is the author of the book Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage. You can visit Stephanie’s website to learn more about her other books and articles. Her works have been translated into 12 languages. She now teaches at Evergreen State College, and she was previously lecturing in Japan and Hawaii.  

Stephanie is a Director in the Council of Contemporary Families. She won the Washington Governor’s Award, received an award from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the title of “family friend” from the Council of Contemporary Families. She was a marriage consultant in Ladies Home Journal.

Moreover, she is a civil rights and freedom of speech activist and organizer of pacifist demonstrations. She appeared on TV shows like Oprah, Today Show, The Colbert Report and some of NPR shows.

John Perry Barlow—a cyber-libertarian defending the Internet freedom


John Barlow is so diverse in his activities that we actually don’t know which of them has made him a part of the Monogamish cast. Probably it was John whom we owe the right to free expression in the realm of the Internet.

So, John:

  • co-founded the foundation that defends civil rights in the digital space;
  • wrote a Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace that today can be found on thousands of websites;
  • consults on the issues of civil rights, free speech, social development of the Internet and digital economy;
  • is the one who used the word ‘cyberspace” in its today’s meaning;
  • is a lyricist for some music groups;
  • has written a big deal of articles for US top magazines;
  • has made a forecast of the copyright future that’s now used in legal studies;
  • used to be a Fellow at Harvard Institute of Politics and a Professor of Cyberspace in European Graduate School, Switzerland
  • was listed by Future Banker as one of 25 most influential people in the world of financial services;
  • has made ca. 30 TEDx presentations, presented on TWiT Live and spoke on eight news channels.

Judith Stacey: investigates deviations from traditional patterns of marriage

Judith Stacey

Judith graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois. She received a Ph.D. in sociology from Brandeis. She taught at the University of California, the University of Southern Carolina and the City University of New York.

She wrote four books that deal with:

  • deviations from standard concepts of marriage in polygamous families;
  • parenthood in gays;
  • socialization of children with gay parents.

Her most popular work Unhitched—Love, Marriage, and Family Values from West Hollywood to Western China dwells on love and marriage in different parts of the world. In her profound investigations she analyzes sex-positive roots of European practices as well as Chinese and African traditions.

Debra Berger — mother of the film author, actress

She was Marcel Carne’s star in his La merveilleuse visite and has 16 other films in her actress’ track record. Today she enjoys her activity of a designer and artist working with unusual ceramic decors in Italy. Besides, she is mother of Tao Ruspoli, the creator of the Monogamish movie.

We can only guess what her film interview shall be about, just like we do with the one of the next speaker.

Claudia Ruspoli — a sex-positive princess

Claudia is an Italian princess and Tao Ruspoli’s aunt. We enjoy the fantasy of finding her Monogamish entry to be a set of laws of sex-positive relationships in aristocratic families that she would share with us.

Diana Adams — a legal supporter of non-traditional families

A family lawyer and polyamorous families advocate. Founder of a law firm that supports all types of families in non-traditional commitments. She is a member of Liberty Foundation consultative board and speaks for recognition of the right to sexual freedom as a basic human right. Her articles and interviews can be found in the USA top-ranked media.

Diana is a founder of a feminist platform, a portal that she also uses to advise on relationships. She is a part of Alternatives to Marriage Project. She graduated from Yale College and Cornell Law School. She was a presenter at Manhattan LGBT-center and different conferences on exuality, spoke on MTV and Savage Love.

Now that our Fantasy App has increased its list of interesting books, podcasts and articles, we can dive even deeper into the roots of monogamish ideas. And if you want to shift from theory to some more intensive practice, you have our sex-positive Fantasy App at hand ;-).

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