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  • What is Fantasy Match?

    Fantasy Match — the sexual wellness community platform. The app helps couples and singles improve their sex lives through learning, playing sex games, and flirting with a like-minded community — all in one product.

    Fantasy Match offers three in-app sections which can be used separately, or all together. 

    • The “Learn” section is an expert-curated Library of educational and entertainment cards arranged in decks. It contains an endless amount of sexual fantasy cards to spark imagination and educational cards to help improve sex IQ, broaden knowledge about sensuality, fantasies, sexual cultures, and other topics.
    • The “Play” section is a foreplay playground and consists of private Rooms where users can invite their partners via direct invite links to swipe through erotic cards and see mutual turn-ons. 
    • The “Flirt” section allows users to meet like-minded people by browsing through community members’ profiles. Users, however, have to activate this section in the app if they want to be seen publicly in the community. This feature helps to create a safe and transparent space.
  • What Fantasy Match believe in?

    Sexuality is a source of personal growth. Being true to one’s sexual self and one’s sincere desires is empowering. Understanding of sensual desires is a pathway to sexual wellness. The way people feel is more important than how they look or perform.

  • What is the Purpose behind Fantasy Match?

    To help people deepen their knowledge of personal sexuality, as well as give tools to make lives more playful.

  • What is the Mission?

    Create a sex-positive culture that embodies a healthy and mature attitude towards intimacy through empowering people to learn and play.

  • What is the difference between Fantasy Match and other apps?

    We’ve been creating illustrated entertainment and educational cards. We do it according to a set of Mindful Guidelines that encourage mindful intimacy.

    Select Cards include sensual stories that explore each theme from a more intimate viewpoint. Meanwhile, Decks delve a little deeper into various topics. Our authors are inspired by both the masterminds of bygone eras and by their own contemporaries; they keep their eyes on scientific advancements, conduct personal experiments, and explore sexuality in everyday life.

    That’s why Fantasy Match is open to solo or group usage. You can swipe through Cards alone just to explore what you like. Or you can invite partners or new people to Rooms, where you can “Play” by swiping through Cards in order to discover which ones you have in common, thereby learning more about each other and about yourself. The more you swipe, the more you learn. The more you have matches, the more you can discuss.

  • Where does technology fit into mindful intimacy?

    We want our app to educate users, to facilitate interpersonal connection and personal exploration, and to stimulate conversations about sexuality and desire, both for individual and group use.

    Our app is a method to open up real-world communication, not replace it. In other words, we use high tech to create high touch.

  • Who is the app for?

    Fantasy Match users are united by our values: mindfulness and self-reflection, playfulness, sincere communication, modern relationships, the power of community, diversity, open-mindedness, pleasure, and openness.

    Fantasy Match was created for all couples and singles. The app is open to couples in any type of relationship from monogamous to any alternative lifestyle. People in polyamorous relationships, couples in open relationships or open marriages, monogamish couples, swingers, open-minded and like-minded people, libertines, ethical sluts, kinksters, and unicorns are all welcome.

  • What are the app’s basic rules?

    All Fantasy Match users are expected to uphold our Community Standards. To use Fantasy Match, you need to keep in mind two types of rules: mandatory (whose violation will cause an account block or deletion) and etiquette (which are advisable to follow).

    The mandatory rules are:

    • Fantasy Match is available only to users who are 21+.
    • Don’t use any pictures containing nudity or sexual intercourse.

    But don’t forget the etiquette guidelines! They are as follows:

    • Have integrity with other users’ data. Don’t pass out information that you’ve obtained using the app.
    • Respect the refusal. If someone turns down your proposal or even stops communicating altogether, don’t be too persistent. No means no. Fantasy Match is a community of people who know not just what they want, but also what they don’t want.
  • In what countries and cities Fantasy Match currently active?

    Fantasy Match is available in almost all English-speaking countries in the world. To use the app, users have to be at least 21 years old and can be solo or couples.

    To connect with a like-minded community, Fantasy Match is available in select American, European, Australian, and South American cities. We prefer quality over quantity, and it’s more important that our users find the app useful, even if that means lower numbers while we perfect the app.

    We use the “Active City” system. As soon as a certain number of people in a city join, Fantasy Match switches the city into active mode. Users living in an Active City can see each other and, when traveling, can shift among Active Cities.

  • Do users have to pay to use Fantasy Match?

    Fantasy Match is free to use because we want to make it accessible for everyone to practice mindful intimacy. You can just set up an account and start exploring new Cards daily. You can also invite partners to play in Rooms, or scroll through other people’s profiles in Flirt.

    We do, however, offer additional Decks and a Club Membership subscription for those who want a little more. Membership privileges include a higher swiping limit per day, an unlimited number of Rooms, and more.

  • What are Decks?

    All Fantasy Match Cards in the app are organized in Decks.

    By default, all users have Fantasies deck with entertainment Cards. When you swipe cards in the Learn section or in Play/Rooms, cards will be saved to the Fantasies deck on your Profile.

    Decks consists of a select, hand-curated amount of cards centered around a single theme. When you purchase a Deck, it saves to your profile, where you will be able to see it and swipe through all of the Decks that you’ve purchased in both the Learn and the Play in-app sections.

  • Is users’ information private?

    Absolutely. We understand that sexual exploration is a personal journey. Fantasy Match never shares personalized data outside without your permission — we keep it completely confidential. Respect for privacy is very important to us!

  • What data protection methods do you use?

    The security of our platform and our users’ data is our top priority, and we’re taking every measure to ensure our customers remain secure. This includes encryption in transit, data filtering, different network layers, as well as regular security audits.

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Andrew Yaroshenko
Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, sex-ed activist, passionate about building purpose-driven organizations and products. Andrew came up with the concept of three sextech industry waves, and pushed the second wave through launching 1st US sextech hackathon ( in New York in 2017.
Yuliya Yaroshenko
Juliya Yaroshenko
Chief Inspiration Officer
Public speaker, sexologist, sex expert curating Fantasy Match content. Yoga studio founder (15 years practicing, 10 years teaching). Learns Sanskrit, reads Kama Sutra in the original language. Uses scientific & holistic methods in her practice. Is convinced that studying and discussing sexuality and sensual fantasies makes a huge positive impact on sexual lives, especially women's.