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  • How can I use the app?

    With Fantasy Match, you can discover entertainment and educational cards, invite partners to see mutual cards, and to swipe for new ones and connect with a like-minded community.

    If you play solo, you can discover new cards by swiping through the cards in the Feed. They will be saved to your Profile for your own personal use.

    If you play as a couple, you can create a Room with a partner. If you’ve both already been swiping, you can see which Cards you have in common. If not, then you can swipe together in the Room to discover mutual turn-ons.

    If you’re using Fantasy Match to connect with a like-minded community, then you’ll need to activate Flirt Access, and can use the elaborate Flirt Options filter to explore potential profiles and send new Room requests, so that you can both see mutual cards and swipe for new ones.

  • What We Believe?

    Sexuality is a source of personal growth. Being true to one’s sexual self and one’s sincere desires is empowering. Understanding of sensual desires is a pathway to sexual wellness. The way people feel is more important than how they look or perform.

  • What is the Purpose behind Fantasy Match?

    To help people deepen their knowledge of personal sexuality, as well as give tools to make lives more playful.

  • What is the Mission?

    Create a sex-positive culture that embodies a healthy and mature attitude towards intimacy through empowering people to learn and play.

  • Who is the app for?

    Fantasy Match users are united by our values: mindfulness and self-reflection, playfulness, sincere communication, modern relationships, the power of community, diversity, open-mindedness, pleasure, and openness.

    Fantasy Match was created for all couples and singles. The app is open to couples in any type of relationship from monogamous to any alternative lifestyle. People in polyamorous relationships, couples in open relationships or open marriages, monogamish couples, swingers, open-minded and like-minded people, libertines, ethical sluts, kinksters, and unicorns are all welcome.

  • What are the app’s basic rules?

    All Fantasy Match users are expected to uphold our Community Standards. To use Fantasy Match, you need to keep in mind two types of rules: mandatory (whose violation will cause an account block or deletion) and etiquette (which are advisable to follow).

    The mandatory rules are:

    • Fantasy Match is available only to users who are 21+.
    • Don’t use any pictures containing nudity or sexual intercourse.

    But don’t forget the etiquette guidelines! They are as follows:

    • Have integrity with other users’ data. Don’t pass out information that you’ve obtained using the app.
    • Respect the refusal. If someone turns down your proposal or even stops communicating altogether, don’t be too persistent. No means no. Fantasy Match is a community of people who know not just what they want, but also what they don’t want.
  • Where does technology fit into mindful intimacy?

    We want our app to educate users, to facilitate interpersonal connection and personal exploration, and to stimulate conversations about sexuality and desire, both for individual and group use.

    Our app is a method to open up real-world communication, not replace it. In other words, we use high tech to create high touch.

  • What is the difference between Fantasy Match and other apps?

    We’ve been creating illustrated entertainment and educational cards. We do it according to a set of Mindful Guidelines that encourage mindful intimacy.

    Select Cards include sensual stories that explore each theme from a more intimate viewpoint. Meanwhile, Decks delve a little deeper into various topics. Our authors are inspired by both the masterminds of bygone eras and by their own contemporaries; they keep their eyes on scientific advancements, conduct personal experiments, and explore sexuality in everyday life.

    That’s why Fantasy Match is open to solo or group usage. You can swipe through Cards alone just to explore what you like. Or you can invite partners or new people to Rooms, where you can “Play” by swiping through Cards in order to discover which ones you have in common, thereby learning more about each other and about yourself. The more you swipe, the more you learn. The more you have matches, the more you can discuss.

  • Do I have to pay to use Fantasy Match?

    Fantasy Match is free to use because we want to make it accessible for everyone to practice mindful intimacy. You can just set up an account and start exploring new Cards daily. You can also invite partners to play in Rooms, or scroll through other people’s profiles in Flirt.

    We do, however, offer additional Decks and a Club Membership subscription for those who want a little more. Membership privileges include a higher swiping limit per day, an unlimited number of Rooms, and more.

  • Why is the app 21+?

    Maturity. The older someone is, the more mature of an approach they tend to have toward their sexuality.

  • Why is it obligatory to share my geolocation during registration?

    You’ll need to activate the “Flirt” section to access it. Thus they make the profile public so that others can see your profile. To show people near you, we need to know where you are and which city you’d like to play in. There is no continuous tracking of your location!

    If you are based in one of the Active Cities, then other people will be able to find your profile and send you Room requests to create a Room with you. It’s up to you whether you want to accept the request.

  • Why do I need to upload at least one picture showing my face?

    At Fantasy Match, we are on a mission to create a sex-positive culture. To do so, we keep certain values in mind: one of them is openness. We don’t think that people should be ashamed of their sexuality.

    We think that complete anonymity in social products does not contribute to creating the culture we want to build. After all, transparency helps to stay more civil and build a deeper connection, when someone wants to start an interaction with other users, be it chatting or inviting to play.

    Therefore, we ask users to create a profile and provide their information to have transparency and accountability to join our community. Having a profile, users can access the features whenever they need it.

    We offer our users to stay entirely anonymous for other users by default and independently control the level of anonymity in the community, depending on their needs.

    We aim to create a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves and explore new facets of their sexuality. With that in mind, we invite everyone to be kind, respectful, and decent, or they will be blocked from the app. Let’s build an open and mindful community together!

  • Can I register without Facebook?

    Sure! The default registration method is by email. However, we support Facebook login for users who have previously registered in the app via Facebook.

  • I’ve registered in the app before, should I re-register if I don’t want to use Facebook?

    Yes. If you don’t want to use Facebook as a login tool you’ll need to create a new account. We advise you to first log into the app with your Facebook account, delete your old account, and then create a new one.

  • Why do I see different background colors on users’ Profiles?

    All sexualities have their own flags, i.e. colors. We’ve created beautifully animated backgrounds for each sexuality. You can see these during the registration process on the Sexuality screen, on users’ profiles in the About section, and as a cover for Decks. With this metaphor, we want to highlight that we are all unique and beautiful! 🌈

  • What is an Active City?

    To connect with a like-minded community, Fantasy Match is available in select American, European, Australian, and South American cities. We prefer quality over quantity; that means it’s more important that we focus on having the right users, not just as many users as possible. We want everyone who opens the app to find a sex-positive and experimental space where they feel comfortable connecting with new people.

    If a city is open in our system, we call it an “Active City.” Users living in an Active City can see each other and, when traveling, can shift among Active Cities.

    As soon as a certain number of people in a city join, we switch the city into active mode. Due to the fact that our users can travel or change their Active City via paid Membership, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of profiles in an Active City.

Educational and entertainment Cards
  • Who can see my Cards?

    Nobody. Nobody knows which cards you have liked, and which you have disliked. Mutual cards will only be shown after a participant accepts a Room request and a Room is created.

  • Who can see the history of my liked and disliked cards?

    Same as above: no one except you. This information is private.

    Nobody knows what Cards you liked or disliked. The only thing public is the number of Cards that you liked in Decks.

    When you accept a new Room request, the app will show only mutual cards, meaning the Cards that both Room participants have already liked. While swiping through new Cards in Rooms, both of you will be able to see new mutually liked Cards.

  • If I swipe left on a Card by accident (or if I change my mind), can I un-swipe it? Can I redo it and swipe right?

    Yes! You can change your reaction to a Card by going to your Profile > My Library > Settings > Reaction History.

  • How can I share certain Cards with my close ones?

    You may share all Cards with anyone you like — that’s why we’ve created the app!

    Just go inside the Card you like, and at the bottom you’ll spot the “Share Card” button. Spread the word!

  • Which cards are saved to my profile?

    You may swipe Cards in two places in the app — in the Learn and in Play in-app sections. All Cards that you liked or disliked will be saved to your profile.

    Mechanics in Rooms are a little bit different.

    All Cards you’ve liked in Rooms will be saved to your Profile. This is to make sure that the same Cards you’ve already liked in Rooms won’t pop up again when you’re swiping in the Learn section.

    However, for Cards that you’ve disliked in Rooms, different rules apply. These Cards aren’t saved to your Profile, so you may see the same card in the Learn section or in other Rooms.

Fantasy Match Decks
  • What are Decks?

    All Fantasy Match Cards in the app are organized in Decks.

    By default, all users have Fantasies deck with entertainment Cards. When you swipe cards in the Learn section or in Play/Rooms, cards will be saved to the Fantasies deck on your Profile.

    Decks consists of a select, hand-curated amount of cards centered around a single theme. When you purchase a Deck, it saves to your profile, where you will be able to see it and swipe through all of the Decks that you’ve purchased in both the Learn and the Play in-app sections.

  • What will I get from Decks?

    First, Decks are your invitation to explore a certain facet of your sexuality. Interested in bringing a third person into the bedroom? Swipe through the Threesome Deck. Feeling daring when it comes to bondage? Share the BDSM Deck with a partner. On the cards, you can discover ideas, read scintillating and sensual Stories, and use the cards to play with a partner.

    Second, Decks are exciting playthings for Rooms with other participants. A participant who is in the Room with you will also be able to swipe through any Decks you’ve purchased, and you’ll be able to see which cards from the Deck you have in common. The only difference is that if a participant hasn’t purchased the Deck, then the cards will not be saved to their Profile.

  • I purchased a Deck, but I don’t see cards from it in my profile. Why?

    You have to swipe through the Deck before the cards will appear on your profile. Once you have swiped through these cards in the Learn section, they will be available on your profile.

  • If I buy a Deck, can I use it in every Room from now on?

    In the current version, all your liked entertainment cards will be shared by default in all your Rooms.

    Cards from Decks might be liked by other Room participants, but won’t be saved to participants’ profiles.

  • Do Decks expire?

    No. Decks are how we organize all Cards in the app. They’re like folders for your files, where files are the Cards.

  • Who can see which Deck I’ve purchased?

    Nobody except you! This information is private.

    We blur the covers of every Deck so that no one else will know which Decks you have. The only thing that is public is the Deck category and the number of Cards you’ve liked. Entrainment cards from Decks will also be shared in Rooms with other participants. Room participants will be able to swipe through your cards in Rooms, but these cards won’t be saved to their profiles.

  • Can I create a custom Deck?

    In the current version, you can not create your own personal Deck.

  • Can I move Cards from one Deck to another?

    In the current version you cannot move Cards from one Deck to another.

  • What are Incoming Notifications?

    In the Incoming section, you will see all incoming requests from users who want to create a new Room with you.

    You will get Incoming Notifications when other people, when browsing in Flirt and viewing your Profile, send you likes, messages, and link invitations to join their Rooms.

  • What are Outgoing Notifications?

    In the Outgoing section, you will see all outgoing requests that you have sent to users whom you want to create a Room with.

    Outgoing Notifications will be created when you send other profiles various signs of attention. You can send likes and messages, or you can create a new draft Room, and send an invite link to this Room to your partner.

  • What are Rooms?

    Rooms are the space where you can chat, see mutual Cards, and Play — swipe for a new Cards with other participants.

  • How can I create a new Room?

    You may send other people different signs of attention. In Flirt, you may send likes and messages to other profiles, or you may share invite links in Rooms. We call these “signs of attention” new Room requests.

    When other participants accept your new Room request, or simply message back, then the new Room will be created. Now you’ll be able to see mutual cards (if both of your profiles have a swiping history), message each other, and Play with new Cards.

  • What is the expiration time for the invite link to a new Room?

    The invite link is live for 24 hours.

    If no one joins via your link, you’ll need to create a new Room to generate a new link.

  • What is a frozen Room?

    For basic membership, we offer five active Rooms. If you or another participant already has 5 open Rooms, then when you accept another Room request, the new (6th) Room will be temporarily frozen until you decide to delete/leave one of your other active Rooms.

  • How can I unfreeze a Room?

    You need to delete or leave one of your active Roomst. When you do so, then the first Room from the list of frozen Rooms will become active.

    If you want to activate a frozen room that is somewhere in the middle of your list of frozen Rooms, then you may move this frozen Room on the top of the list, to make sure this particular Room will be the first to unfreeze.

  • Can I create a Room for more that two people?

    No. In the current version, Rooms are only for two people.

  • How can I invite my partner to see our mutual cards?

    You need to create a new Room and invite your partner to it. Go to Rooms, click on “Add New Room” copy the invite link, and send it over to your partner.

    When you partner opens the link in the app but has not yet accepted your invitation, then you’ll be able to see the invitation in the Outgoing Notifications section. When your partner does accept, the new Room will be created.

  • Who can see mutual cards in Rooms?

    Only other Room participants can see your mutual cards.

  • Can I turn off sharing mutual cards in Rooms?

    No, users with basic membership can’t turn off sharing mutual cards in rooms.

  • Why don’t I see mutual cards in newly created Rooms?

    To see mutual cards, both profiles have to have a history of liked Cards. If you or another participant doesn’t (yet) have liked cards in Learn or in Play, then you’ll need to swipe new Cards in the Room to see which cards you have in common.

  • Why can’t I send private photos in Room/Chats?

    We are striving to create the best experience for everyone using our platform to discover new cards and see mutual cards. For now, our chat features only allow users to message each other.

  • Who can see my Secret photos?

    Only users you’ve created Rooms with can see your secret photos.

Club Membership
  • What I will get from a Club Membership?

    When you upgrade your membership, you’ll receive a wide variety of features:

    • Unlimited Rooms To Play — Chat, play, and swipe to see mutual cards with as many people as you want
    • x3 New Cards Daily — Discover three times as many new Cards every day
    • Change Active City — Switch your profile to other Active Cities in order to meet new people around the world
    • Member Badge — Sport a badge stating that you support our Purpose, Mission, and Values
  • How does SreenProtect work?

    We will offer the ScreenProtect feature in the future as part of our Membership subscription. This will protect your Profile and Mutual tab in Rooms from being screenshotted or screen recorded from other devices.

    How does it work? When someone visits your profile and attempts to screenshot or screen record it, your profile photo will not appear. Similarly, if a user you’ve matched with open the Mutual tab in Rooms and attempts to screenshot or screenrecord it, your mutual cards will not be shown in the photo.

    When you will subscribe to Membership, SreenProtect will be turned on by default. You may turn on / turn off the ScreenProtect default settings at in the “Manage Membership” section of your profile. In your Room settings, you can also customly select in which Rooms ScreenProtect will be turned off or on.

    Keep in mind that we can’t protect your phone from being screenshotted or screen recorded from other physical devices. People can always take a photo of your phone if you leave it open, so be careful when it comes to privacy!

  • Can I purchase certain features separately?

    In the current version of Fantasy Match, we provide only one Membership type, with no ability to buy features separately.

  • Is my information private?

    Absolutely. We understand that sexual exploration is a personal journey. Fantasy Match never shares personalized data outside without your permission — we keep it completely confidential. Respect for privacy is very important to us!

  • What data protection methods do you use?

    The security of our platform and our users’ data is our top priority, and we’re taking every measure to ensure our customers remain secure. This includes encryption in transit, data filtering, different network layers, as well as regular security audits.

  • Who can see my cards?

    Nobody. Nobody knows which cards you have liked, and which you have disliked. Mutual cards will only be shown after a participant accepts a Room request and a Room is created.

  • Who can see which Decks I’ve purchased?

    Nobody except you! This information is private.

    We blur the covers of every Deck so that no one else will know which Decks you have. The only thing that is public is the Deck category and the number of Cards you’ve liked. Entrainment cards from Decks will also be shared in Rooms with other participants. Room participants will be able to swipe through your cards in Rooms, but these cards won’t be saved to their profiles.

  • Who can see mutual Cards in Rooms?

    Only other Room participants can see your mutual Cards.

  • In what countries and cities Fantasy Match currently active?

    Fantasy Match is available in almost all English-speaking countries in the world. To use the app, users have to be at least 21 years old and can be solo or couples.

    To connect with a like-minded community, Fantasy Match is available in select American, European, Australian, and South American cities. We prefer quality over quantity, and it’s more important that our users find the app useful, even if that means lower numbers while we perfect the app.

    We use the “Active City” system. As soon as a certain number of people in a city join, Fantasy Match switches the city into active mode. Users living in an Active City can see each other and, when traveling, can shift among Active Cities.

  • When are you going to create Android and web-based versions?

    For now, the app is launched only for iOS. We don’t have exact dates for the Android and other platforms yet, but we are sure that in the future we will scale our platform to other mobile and web platforms.

    If you are waiting for one of them, please subscribe to be notified of any upcoming app launches on other platforms. You will find the form on the website in the footer.

  • How should I reach out if I have feedback and new ideas on how to improve the app?

    We would love to hear from you!
    Please submit your feedback and new ideas at https://feedback.fantasyapp.com/