Fantasy Community Rules

We are all unique. We are all a part of the Fantasy community, and we want to keep things awesome making sure everyone is awesome to each other! Violating these Community Rules may lead to suspension, as well as complete removal of any content: profiles, photos, stories, messages, or any other data.

1. Any objectionable content such as but not limited to pornographic, threatening, or obscene or illegal use of intellectual property are strictly prohibited on our Service.

2. Any user found with objectionable content on their profile or any user found sending objectionable content to other users will be removed from the Service permanently.

3. Any illegal content is strictly forbidden and will be removed. Please follow the Fantasy Community Rules and do not share anything illegal.

4. No escorts or sex professionals. If you expect payment in any way or form for the sexual pleasure your account will be removed from the Service permanently.

5. Don't publish Contact Information publicly. Email addresses, Skype, Kik or other contact information is strictly forbidden. You can, however, share any information using private messaging between you and another member.

6. Don't publish links to other websites. Only PRO and Community profiles are allowed to be published external links.