The world is becoming a more accepting place. We want to have sincere conversations and freely express our desires. We are eager to deepen the understanding of our sexuality and are ready to discuss previously tabooed topics.
Sexuality is our natural way of being. Expressing sexuality requires being sensual, experienced, and cultured. We are celebrating the versatile human nature and expanding knowledge in a playful way.
Join our safe space to Learn, Play, and Flirt. We are a tool to start a conversation. We inspire and challenge to think, discuss and simply have fun.


We are all unique. We all have different experiences and desires. We want to Learn, Play and Flirt in a safe environment with the right people. That's why we are open to everyone who is ethically sharing our community values.
The most successful experiments always start with honesty. First with oneself- and then to a partner, know what your boundaries are and set them. They can be anywhere between ‘desirable, ‘acceptable’ and ‘hard pass’
Being open to the world and the new experiences that come with it by no means implies that you should put yourself or others at risk. On the contrary: the more open we are, the more disciplined we have to be in our health. No question is ever “awkward”, should you ever have them
There are many varieties and levels of desires. They are to be met with consent and understanding. You are never obligated and always reserve the right to refuse scenarios that don’t turn you on. Two, three, four or five people, no matter the number consent must be given by each, “No” means “No”
The more active in the participation of our fantasies and understanding what we want, the more significant it is that we find good people to act these fantasies out with. Listen to your desires, search for complementary fantasies in others. Make it a joint scenario of sensuality
We believe that being in relationships and staying true to yourself is possible. But it takes two to decide on the evolution of monogamy. Before bringing in new people and experiences, discuss boundaries and build an understanding with your partner
Fantasy is a community of individuals who accept all sexual expression (who are not prohibited by law). We are a community of individuals. We hold respect for all those that come into our fold