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Exploring Your Sexuality On Instagram: Fantasy App Top-24 Accounts


Instagram can be a good platform for exploring your sexuality.

On the face of it they are sexual stereotypes that rule supreme here, accompanied by common sexual fantasies. The stereotyped image of sexuality that implies young athletic body (for both genders), lacy lingerie, high heels and nice bosom (for ladies). Sure these attributes please the eye, but there is one catch in them. The word “stereotype” in fact means “made from a template”. That is, something created neither individually nor ad hoc, done without contribution of personal desires and fantasies, simply copy-pasted.

While we (authors of Fantasy App) love things that’ve been customized to fulfil a specific person, situation, game or fantasy. Thus in stereotype sexuality we don’t trust. What we trust in is personal character. And for those on the same wavelength we’ve collected and hereby share a bundle of Instagram sex-positive accounts that feature sexuality not falling under stereotypes.

Fantasy App Top-24 Instagram accounts

Аpollonia Saintclair

“Ink is my blood” – this is how Apollonia characterizes herself. Her black-and-white drawings unveil different weird fantasies. And though she uses quads to conceal nipples and other “sensitive” body parts that Instagram insists to be hidden, the context of her images can turn on even the most sated kinksters.

We enjoy Apollonia’s account for the plentitude of various details that turn things into a multi-layered ambience: when peering at them for some while, one can find new meanings of the drawings plots.

Yeha Leung

New York based owner in Creepyyeha kinky clothing brand. Nothing of silky lingerie, lace and heels. Her garments are leather, metal and plastic for female butts and breasts. So we can spend some pleasant naughty moment in fantasizing which of the bras shall be the best choice for our best friend.

And some of the people we know have it as a way of finding sexual fantasies they have in common —by going with clothes that arouse. While Yeha’s account is freaking good with its kinky dresses that come in unexpected forms and colors.

London Andrews

A ‘plus size’ model with incredibly deep eyes. We are attracted to London’s account by the passion and delight she posts pictures of her curvaceous body. Her account is an easy way to check whether your sexual fantasies list contains one about a “big number” woman.

Trophy Wife Barbie Loves

A-la postmodern sexuality reflected in everyday items, Barbie dolls, camels, eerie   pictures about sex – to our mind, though; probably there are someone they turn on. But anyhow her account is a perfect example of a sexual fantasy that implies mocking something together.

And this is actually what we enjoy in Trophy’s account - that snickering at stereotyped sexuality.

Nadia lee Cohen

A “not fit every taste” photographer and director. Her account contains photo- and video-installations that can compete in their strangeness with art works of Andy Warhol. Her being awarded with Berlin Fashion Film Festival prize for best video is a pleasant bonus that shows her works have been officially acclaimed as modern art.

This account shall be good for those whose sexual fantasies list includes love for beasts in addition to beauties.

Traci Lords

Business woman, writer, actress, designer of brand and singer. We are somewhat scared by this wide list of her interests, but she looks very authentic in everything of the listed.

We enjoy following Tracy’s account for that air of pinup culture that actually gave rise to last century sexual revolution.

Gurls talk

The purpose of Gurls Talk project is to foster young girls to find their own way of self-expression. Pictures we see in the account don’t evoke any sexual fantasies (at least, we didn’t have any). What we like about the account are the video-reels in that girls are very honest and natural in their confessing why they have scruples in expressing their sexuality.

Look at this pussy

Almost nothing is not a pussy. The slogan of the account has been verified by ca. 200 shots that show the way most modest and traditional objects–like flowers, trees, food, bags, architecture objects—can sometimes look like vagina.

We are grateful to the account authors for showing sexuality in most trivial things since finding allusions to sexual nature in everyday objects for sure helps exploring your sexuality.


Utopian erotic–this is how the author refers to her account. We percept colorful graphics and water paintings of Alphachanneling as natural sexuality with a taste of sunny summer. Its characters are bright, curvaceous and flexible, with juicy bodies that are full of life. And as to style primitivism, in no way it distracts from catching the key message – the games played by graphic works characters.

We enjoy Alphachanneling account with its diversity of sexual games and fantasies.


Once again–naturalness. This time on photos. Most posts of the account are female bodies without underwear or accessories: 3200 posts that in addition to that of the author feature other female bodies in natural environment, and some of male statures as well.

This is the account we like for peeping at the way women come in harmonious balance with nature.

Marcelina Jaworska

Marcelina, a DJ and author of blog, shows sexuality through the eyes of techno-house in-crowd. She posts pictures made during her travelling to London, Ibiza, Berlin.

Marcella’s account attracts us by its sex-positive graphics in techno style.


The account belongs to the author of the blog. In her biography taken from the blog she says she was a stripper yet some couple of years ago. While today she deals with escorting, writing and photographing.

We like the sex-writer account for the stories she writes to accompany her pictures.

Hélène de Joie

A go-go diva in1970ies- and burlesque-style coming with a taste of authentic hippie.

We love Helene and her account for the tinge of undisguised, wild, beastie sexuality it shows.

Valerie Stunning

Glamorous sexuality based in Las Vegas. Explicit, mature, daring hooker style. With some of her videos Valerie is almost “breaking bad”. The account is a perfect present for those who keep 1990ies in their sweet memories.

We take to Valerie’s account for the way women there emphasize each other’s sexuality.

Luzia Lowe

Switchblade babe in the city of angels (switch is the one who can act either dominant or submissive in the BDSM culture) making a career of evil–this is how she presents herself. A model whose Instagram pictures are done in darksome and invigorating style: hook-pierced skin and aggressive sexuality.

Our top-selection of Luzia account pictures includes those bearing the atmosphere of Scandinavian myths.

Rachel Roze Cuccia

A photographer whose idea of sexuality features a mixture of moments from Twin Peaks, Scream and Irreversible, all this done to the sounds of techno music.

We like Rachel’s account for sophisticated allusions of her pictures; you need to place every photo under close scrutiny to catch the message.

Derek Woods

Female sexuality represented though the eyes of male photographer who works with analogue camera. Esthetic atmosphere, minimalism and plenty of nice bippies. The life of one couple that looks like an endless weekend somewhere in the south.

We take Derek’s account to spy over fulfillment of the fantasy about sexuality public expression.


Toronto-based photographer and curator of the project.

We find his account interesting for its active promotion of other sex-positive accounts that we take as new sources of alternative sexuality.

Vex Ashley

Model and author of photographic porn-stories for the project The account is replete with millennials-style sexuality.

Most of all we are attracted to Ashley’s account for the way it intertwines modern art with Ashley’s sexual body and tender eyes.

Sarah Bahbah

One of the most-quoted Instagram accounts according to Forbes. Sarah notices and shoots intimate, sexual moments between people on music festivals and other places where they feel rather at ease to become wrapped up in one another. The style of photos refers us to 1990ies. As to models, these are usually people whose sensual life experience has come as author’s inspiration.

We love Sarah’s account for its color range and her representation of sexuality in bright and sunny hues.

Jacq The Stripper

A lesbian stripper. Her account portraits sexuality inside female community: women who seduce each other when there are no men around.

When browsing through the account, we take particular pleasure from the sense of humor that’s been made an element of sexual game.

Karley Sciortino

Author of Slutever sex-blog and Vogue “Breathless” columnist. Her account announces her releases as well as sex-positive events that take place in London. It is also good to look at the dressings that London kinksters use to go to swinging-clubs.

We love following Karley’s Instagram page ‘cos it shows us London as a city of sex-positive people and events.

Oksana Nalyvaiko FlameHead

Author of erotic colorings for adults. “My love for lines, you cannot express it in words, only draw it” – this is what the author says about her creative activity.

You can buy her works in Ukraine or order them on Amazon. We enjoy FlameHead account for the diversity of sexual stories one can find in her graphics. Another bonus is that when coloring them, even if only in our mind’s eye, we get a better understanding of what colors our fantasy is.

Sexual Culture

Sexual Culture is a Ukrainian account that inbreeds sexual culture to all its followers.

The best feature of this account is quotations of from books on sex and sexuality. We definitely enjoy reading the heavyweights in the field of sex, both of our days and those of the past.

Why exploring the diversity of sexuality expression?

When sure about the way to express your sexuality, you need that of others’ simply out of curiosity or to help you expand your horizons in this essential field.  And of course prying about others’ sexuality is a good thing for those who enjoy spying in general.

We like overseeing the way other people represent their sexual image because we never stop improving ourselves in this issue. Any idea about the way other people express themselves can be a source of one’s own ideas and fantasies, and a good ground for exploring one's sexuality.

Another bonus: the accounts listed in our review can be used as additional list of sexual fantasies as well as a kick of body- and sex-positive mood in the news feed.


Our courtesy for the material used in the article goes to instagrammer of the month.

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