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Online Portraits of Tumblr, Fetlife, Pornhub, Whiplr Sexual Fantasies


Colleagues brush hands as they walk past each other. Nightclub strangers share clandestine winks. A passerby gives a secretive smile. Onlookers who notice someone else’s sexual game in progress—be it in a book, a film or a comment on a Facebook picture—smile as well. As people, we enjoy observing hidden courtship, obvious flirting and implicit sexual games. And even on neutral resources like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, there is a place for sexual fantasies.

Analyses of search queries confirm this. The statistics below, as well as posts dedicated to sexual turn-ons and kinky resources, reveal that people love peeping at other’s sexual fantasies and flirting in public.

FetLife statistics review

Fetlife was launched to facilitate communication and dating based on one’s fetishes. It was the first dedicated international resource in this field.

Fetlife’s list of kinks and sexual fantasies summarizes 10 years of its activities, including 460 sexual fantasies, fetishes and kinks.

Fetlife’s statistics of sexual fantasies:

  • Group fantasies make up 1% of all Fetlife sexual fantasies (MFM, threesomes, etc.);
  • Fantasies about a kinky atmosphere also don’t exceed the 1% threshold (cemetery sex, car sex, sex in the bathroom, in a swingers club, etc.);
  • Body fantasies—everything related to body structure and body modifications—comprise 8.7% (scarification, tickling, tongues, etc.);
  • Object-related fantasies are 15% of the list (lace, chocolate, skirts, etc.);
  • Fantasies about domination, submission, sadism and masochism impress with 16% of the “market share” (emotional masochism, emotional sadism, Japanese bondage, etc.);
  • 26% of all fantasies are directly related to sex and different practices of physical intercourse;
  • A variety of role-playing fantasies take 31% (anonymous meetings, saving a helpless girl, playing a librarian and a reader with overdue book, etc.).

The most interesting fact we can take away from Fetlife is that physical sex is not the most popular theme here. People have various ideas for sexual fantasies.

Our structure of sexual fantasies is described in the article List of Kinks And Their Definitions: Real Stories Analysis.

King of search queries – Pornhub

Pornhub’s content is only related to physical sex. The porn industry is primed for money shots rather than long-lasting, exciting games.

Time, age and gender

The most popular time to watch porn is between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. The two hours before sleep are the prime time for sexual fantasies.

Most of Pornhub’s visitors are men; women make only 24% of worldwide traffic.

The average age of the resource visitors is 35 years. 30% of all content users are 18 to 24 years old (millennials take the lead here as well).

Popular fantasies

According to psychoanalysis, everyone is most attracted to things that are prohibited, and Pornhub’s statistics support this. The most popular videos don’t feature heterosexual intercourse or even men at all—sex between two women is one of the most taboo subjects, and it’s the most popular. This query is even more popular than teen sex or incest with mom.

Curiously, the most ardent patriots among Pornhub’s visitors come from India and Germany. In these countries, their own nationalities top the search queries. This complements the theory of eroticized taboos; residents of India and Germany take a hold of themselves even on Pornhub.

Pornhub statistics in the USA

Americans are the world’s number one visitors of Pornhub. They do it twice as often as the runners up—people in the UK—do. Absolute victory.

In terms of session duration, the USA comes second, yielding the trophy to the Philippines. The average time that Americans spend on Pornhub is 9 minutes and 51 seconds.

America’s top 10 most exciting fantasies show mothers to be the most popular search, comprising three out of ten:

  • Top position: stepmom, while MILF comes in at sixth place and the last one is simply mom;
  • Second place: cartoon;
  • Third place is once again taken by lesbians;
  • Fourth place: teenagers;
  • Black comes in at number five;
  • Position seven is taken by stepsisters;
  • Squirt is number eight;
  • And only ninth place features a white male as a part of “threesome” fantasy.

The kinky life of Whiplr, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook

BDSM fantasies on Whiplr

When registering on Whiplr, you receive a kind of sexual fantasies classification based on 9 thematic groups: just curious, fashion, objects, behavior, materials, accessories, sounds, shopping and odors.

The app does not run search queries statistics, but it does provide information about membership in WhipIr’s internal thematic groups:

Roleplaying – 654
Whips, flagellation – 683
Playing with a strap-on – 18
Foot fetish – 745
Polyamory and kinks – 779
Exhibitionism – 827
Female subs – 1042
Humiliation – 1087
Kinky photo – 1209
Bondage – 1214
Cuckold – 1235
Online-games – 1357
BDSM – 1752
Femdom – 2066

The popularity of BDSM fantasies seems quite logical for an app whose name is based on “whip”!

Sexual fantasies on Tumblr

Tumblr does not share its statistics, so our data analysis was based on hashtags related to fantasies.

Searching for #sexualfantasy, we get a large amount of pornographic content, most of it in themed groups. There, one can find GIFs for a hot virtual game with a partner.

#Fetishes is one of TumbIr’s most popular hashtags, commonly used for communication as well as for users’ feedback and stories about their kinks and sexual fantasies. Here, one can find lots of humor, ideas for sexual fantasies and motivating fetish-related quotes like “DO. NOT. BE. ASHAMED. OF. YOUR. FETISH.”

The #kinks hashtag incorporates all of the above: explicit porn, themed GIFS and motivating sexual fantasy quotes like “sharing kink is caring.”

Another pleasing feature is that members use Tumblr to share their sexual fantasies, styled as “Bedhead notes”:

“Good things:
- Being spanked,
- Kisses on the neck,
- Dirty talk,
- Groping,
- ‘I love you,’

- Cuddling,
- Naked cuddles,
- Massages,
- Neck biting,
- Hair pulling,
- Butterfly kisses,
- Kisses on the forehead,
- Undressing each other,
- Trust,
- Love”

A list like this is a valuable example of an honest description of one’s sexual and emotional needs.

Kinky life on Instagram

Instagram has borrowed strict censorship rules from its owner, Facebook. But regardless of chaste restrictions, Instagram users create profiles and feeds replete with sexuality.

Instagram’s top leader is BDSM, with over 1 million posts in general, while the #kinks hashtag mostly leads to pictures of curls rather than sexual kinks.

The sexy, kinky face of Facebook

Yes, even this Victorian-like, prudent monster of social media content hosts news coming from the world of kinks and admits the existence of kinkster groups.

The largest kinky group on Facebook is @kinksterworld (1000 subscribers). The group’s basic content features motivating sexual fantasy quotes and practical notes, à la “Bondage for newbies.”

Local BDSM groups with restricted access have more participants. Even Mumbai has a community of this kind, called the @bdsmacademy.India.

The #fetish hashtag pleases the eye with a list of themed pages and groups like @fetishparties, @fetishfilm, @German Fetish Ball, etc.

Those who have chosen sex-positive ways have managed to adapt Facebook’s rules and manners to their lifestyle and proceed to use its user-friendly options.

Sexual fantasies and Fantasy App

The variety of content dealing with sexual fantasies confirms the value they bring to our lives. We love fantasizing and learning about the fantasies of our friends and lovers, listening to them, peeping at them. That’s why we’ve created a space for sex-positive people where one can find partners based on sexual fantasies — the Fantasy App. Fantasy’s realm may provide ideas of sexual fantasies to those who don’t know what to search for.

The diversity of sexual fantasies—is it a norm or a natural phenomenon? Is it classified as superfluous and extravagance? We answer these questions in the article An Alternative View On Kinks And Sexual Fantasies.