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Based on kinky stories that we have found on the web and that were shared by our readers we hereby draw a list of kinks dividing them into conceptual categories. Spoiler: there is a good deal of true kinky stories to be found in the article.

Definition of kink – it is not all that simple

Found in various sources (official academic dictionaries and informal joking and vernacular vocabularies, articles of blogging kinksters and sex-evangelists), kink definitions differ much from each other. The list of definitions that refer to kinks and different kinky notions is like a veil of misunderstanding perplexing those who want to make sense of the subject:

“sexual perversion”,
“non-traditional sexual preferences”,
“sexually-provocative behavior”,
“participation in or taste for uncommon sexual conduct”,
“any kind of non-traditional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies”,
“something opposite to vanilla sex”,
“openness to sexual experiments”,
“sexual practices that most people consider to be wild, unusual or extreme”

By reference to the afore-listed definitions one may single out a basic thing that they have in common: at the very least a kink is something that ignites sexual desire.  Various kinds of sexual experience that were described in the stories we have analyzed for writing this article were organized into 5 conceptual categories. You may find our structure to have omitted your sexual preference. And in case your favorite kink is not on our list - come send us your story;).

Object kinks

Travelling through the list of kinks we’ll make the first stop in our tour to consider nonliving objects that make us feel sexually excited. And here it seems like we already know these kinks under the name of ‘fetishes’ since sexual fetishism stands for sexual arousal caused by nonliving objects.

Garters, leather jackets, vibrators, a cherry on the pie, sex toys, cakes, sand, water as well as the taste and smell of different items. The word fetish that you know is an exact reference to object kinks that we are talking about.

Here are some kinky stories for the subject better understanding in practice:

“My boyfriend has a fetish – he wants me when I wear elegant stockings with garters). I already have a good deal of these garters, a perfect collection. There’s so much piquancy in this” (The kink of “stockings with garters”).

“I think I love having sex with intelligent girls. I believe a girl to be intelligent when she wears glasses. That’s why I always choose poses in that I can see her face and glasses” (The “glasses” kink).

“I’ve been recently dreaming about the chef in the five star hotel. I fancy seeing him in his uniform with this funny hat on his head – I don’t think I’d manage to control myself! I would take him to the back room and… It is this toque blanche that makes me horny; dunno why but this thing is my surefire desire exciter” (The kink of “Chef’s whites”).

Body kinks

These are also objects yet ‘living’ – body parts or specific body structure that causes your sexual excitement. For instance, some might enjoy long well-groomed hair both in men and in women. Another one may have body kinks associated with a subtle figure or a curvaceous body, the absence of hair or on the contrary – their specific presence, body smells and tastes….

Kinky stories about body kinks:

“I get horny from girls with big and plummy asses, and I don’t care whether they are natural or it was a surgeon who made them look like this: it’s just mind-blowing when I see her and imagine bending her down in the way her booty starts shaking…” (Kink – “big booties”).

“Someone may be enraptured by legs, arms and boobs, but as for me – I adore white skin. When I happen to see a girl like this I cannot take my eyes off her, and when it is a man I get aroused at once” (The “white skin” kink).

Group kinks – the delight that takes more than two

Being excited by the idea that there shall be more than two persons engaged in the intercourse. This can be a threesome, a group sex or a public sex. Those watching are also participants of the process: they are the audience that watches the selfless performance of the actors. So if the situations described make you excited consider it a marker of your having the group kink.

“My husband and I have been together for a long time. Having visited a club for a kinky-party we were surprised to find out that we enjoy making sex in public. Even when the desire was not that strong, the glances and gazes of other people ignited our sexual drive and made us dissolve in each other” (The kink of “public sex’).

“Whenever at the disco I happen to feel other body touch me I become horny even without seeing the gender or the face of a person next to me; I understand that what makes me aroused is the idea that everyone present have come for pleasure and if I imagine them all without clothes I shall desire every man and woman on the dancefloor” (The “group sex” kink).

“Our friends have always considered us to be an exemplary couple who love and respect each other. But very few of them know that we like threesome and very often look for a third one using sex apps or searching the clubs. When we add the third person sex becomes even more vibrant, and we adore this joint seduction” (The “threesome” kink).

“Every day I recall my meeting my girl. When I was introduced to her she had such a shy and innocent look sitting there in her blue dress. And now we are in serious relationship and she is second to none in sex – an embarrassed girl has turned into a daring and passionate woman. I had no idea she could be like this. When we go out together and she behaves in her sweet and tender way I remember what she is when in bed - and this is exciting like hell” (The kink of “corruption and training”).

Domination and submission kinks – the sweet couple

Someone plays the gray wolf while another one is Little Red Riding Hood; someone acts as a servant while the second one is a master; someone is a teacher while some prefers to act as a naughty student girl. Some people always play the leading part, some give orders, manage the situation and take without asking. This is the territory in that there is always someone who is top and someone who plays bottom, the one who dominates and the second who obeys without question. The one who loves to cause pain and another one ready to bear pain for the benefit of the master. But never forget that the basic principle of bdsm lies in safety, voluntariness and right reason. It is not for nothing that the top is trusted – what he holds in his hands is the care about the bottom.

“When my man helps his folks around the house he always writes me an sms saying: “Busy at the moment. Playing a Cinderella part”. After these words I fancy him naked and wearing a housemaid apron only, and I’m aching to fuck him… I can’t bear suppressing this desire ;)” (The kink of “domination over a Cinderella-man”).

“I love handcuffs much… When I was having first sex with my new partner he chained me so that I failed to even notice this in the heat of passion, yet when I heard the snap I almost climaxed the same very second. And the fact that I did not know this man well enough even spiced things up. That was a hell of an orgasm!” (The kink of “restricted mobility”).

“I get very much horny – I can cum at once – the very second I touch my lover’s biceps or his brawny shoulders. With the whole of my body I feel his strength and power over me, and the idea of my helplessness simply drives me crazy; this is a kind of incredible emotional experience” (the kink of “submission to someone who is much stronger”).

“I had a good deal of partners who loved gentle sex. Recently I’ve met a girl. I started with being mild and gentle, the way I learned this from previous relationships. I petted and caressed her, but then I saw she was becoming even more aroused when I proceed to do things in a rough and forceful manner” (the kink of “partner’s roughness”).

Role playing / scene acting kinks

A strict lady-boss by day and an obeying secretary at night; a caring mother when visiting friends – and a slut in her bedroom, a typical manager in his real world – and a strict doctor in the realm of his fantasies. Trying someone other’s role on, getting under the thumb of someone else for an hour or half a day when it is always you who takes the lead, pretending in order to experience genuine arousal and ecstasy.

The situations that traditionally make you horny even in case of partners change. If a partner is taken for a setting, a piece of décor, while the key to your excitement is hidden within the essence of the scene played it means that you are an adherent of a role-playing kink.

The action kinks can be based on movie storylines that you reproduce with your partner or even scenes from everyday-life – like talking to a railway guard, buying a car, asking for a dance, changing clothes, training an unexperienced student or managing a company.

Here are some stories about role-playing kinks:

“I’m crazy about a lecturer. I cannot stop fancying his taking me right at the lecture, on the table, so that all students see it” (The kink involves seduction by a lecturer).

“I adore the state of sexual arousal; I want to continue playing and flirting with my partner to get more and more excited with every new minute. To understand that you are almost dead excited, and exhausted by desire, but to delay until the very last moment so that his single touching my body shall be enough to make me feel the electricity running through my veins. As for the man, he is to empathize all of my sensations and have fun, but given that during the whole process he feels exactly the same way as I do. It’s kind of sweet torturing each other” (The kink of “extended seduction”).

“It turns me on to see my boyfriend concentrated on something. He looks so damn sexy when working or watching a film that I am ready to pounce on him right away” (The kink of “seducing a busy partner”).

“I always want a man who admires me. Whenever I feel admiration, his weight, age, sex, the size of his manhood (I mean both the body and financial standing) cease to matter to my body” (The “admiration” kink).

The kink of experimenting with bans

Not allowed, not appropriate, wrong, unworthy. So many bans and prohibitions that one wants to violate and go beyond. This kink is a grim cocktail of shame, adrenaline, excitement and doubts: public places, social inequality, unplanned, spontaneous, inappropriate sex, sex with a stranger, sex with someone else’s partner… Sure you know much to continue the list!

“My colleague is usually rather accurate and feminine in her dressing and does not trigger any particular emotions. But sometimes she may put something in a grunge-style on: ripped jeans, stretched T-shirts and no make-up. Somehow it turns me on so much I want to grab her and press her into the wall and shag her somewhere in the WC. By the way, I’m a girl” (The kink of provocative clothes).

“I never allow my boyfriend watch my doing him a blowjob. I put a sleep mask on him so that he would not watch. During the process I notice him peeping and get a thrill out of it” (The “ban violation” kink).

“I also have a very unusual fetish. I’m crazy about men wearing women’s clothes. I can’t help my enjoying it” (The kink of “a man in women’s clothes”).

A long seduction kink – the kink of god or goddess

You want someone you stand in awe of coming close to, and the desire for seduction is mixed with admiration and the kind of fear that you have when on the verge of doing something new that you are afraid of. We feel no fear preparing to taste a new dish in a restaurant, yet when anticipation of the first visit to a swing-club is accompanied by throb and anxiety it means that for you the event that is about to happen equals to god.

You may experience the same with people, so that every interaction with a certain person changes you. You understand that you will never be the same after having sex with him or her. And if you have a kink like this the feeling of it will always be there with you, so that you shall proceed to seduce your partner with your actions, your body, your caressing. He is always your god or goddess.

It’s like having the desire to find someone better than you. A “deity” you want to surrender yourself to, a man or a woman who could take you out of yourself.  Someone who could make you “…believe that there was something more important on earth than myself…” (Henry Miller).

Fantasy – an app for kinky people

Having analyzed the meaning of kink and stories from kinksters let us draw a general definition: “kink is something that causes your sexual excitement”, or, to make it more extensive: “a role, an object, a body part, a situation or a game that ignites your sexual desire”. Now that you have learnt the list of kinks you may continue with your tour into the world of kinks using the Fantasy App, meeting other kinksters, reading other people’s kinky stories and sharing your own kinks. As for this article, it is just an overall map that outlines the world of kinks and gives its basic description – the very first step in travelling to kinks. More - in article "Sex in Old Times – First Kinksters’ Predilections".

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