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Imagination – Switch

"Sexual desire is based on latitude, playfulness, novelty, mystery, curiosity, and most important, imagination."

Esther Perel

Imagination – sexuality switch

If we look back at our own experience, we can recall how awakened the excitement of thoughts and fantasies about strangers and acquaintances, but in new roles. Using our imagination we can create a reality that is filled with sexual overtones. And everyone has their sexual reality filled with something different. If you survey the people around you about what makes their games and fantasies, then, first of all, you can find out that everybody has fantasies, and secondly, that all fantasies are different and their presence depends on whether basic requirements are satisfied. When there are no worries about where to sleep, what to eat and when it gets warmer, we are ready to switch on sexual imagination. Together with spring awakens a sense of novelty and fantasy. And if you open the window, take a breath and try to taste the air, you can smell that there is not only spring in the air, not only love in the air, but the city air is saturated with sex.

Neighbors can undress you with
their eyes

When you’re going up the escalator at the metro, you don’t know what thinks about you the one who is going towards you; what is going on in a person's head on the step below, or the person who you accidentally touched. Having an X-ray that reveals people’s thoughts would allow to find out about how much sex there is around us; what fantasies a usual metro station or a line to the reception desk are filled with. People mentally undress you — just as you undress them; people imagine you in different positions, in different roles when you go to work or write a report at the desk, just in the way you imagined once before. We don’t know when we become the object of someone's fantasies, but it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t happen at all. However, if you ever produced in your mind "a story about…": imagined stranger’s long hair in your own hands or mentally put someone’s strong body under your hands — this is the proof that the invisible to us fantasy world exists and there is a place for sex there.

What else does imagination control?

There is such a concept as "performative utterance" — a phrase which changes the objective reality. For example, a judge by saying "guilty" or "not guilty"; an employer who changes our world with phrases: "you got the job," or "you're fired." A performative utterance itself can not be touched, but these words trigger our imagination and allow us to start to see the world differently, and act according to the new reality. Thus, it seems that the life is subject to our imagination and the imagination of the people whose idea of us we allow to influence our reality.

Switch on = switch off

Not only phrases become performative in sex, but also games, scenarios, contexts, objects. Some situations, figured by you, kindle the fire of desire, but some don’t. If we mentally put someone in a performative-sexual situation, posture, clothes, a role then his/her physical body change, the blood rushes, the excitation occurs in reality. However, words don’t only have sexually exciting effect. You make a situation sexually attractive or unattractive by yourself by just sorting the words in your head. Epithets, which you call your own body, genitals, your fantasies, fetishes — anything that can fill your world with sex, support the exciting atmosphere, but can also destroy it. You choose what to call your body and the people around: with words that arouse sexual imagination or soothe it. "Broads" or "goddess", "doodle" or "source of pleasure", "boobs" or "resilient hills", "man" or "god"... Change your reality with us!

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