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Why Do Unicorns Love Kinks? World Of Sex Games

- I tell it like it was: on the floor - women's panties, in the bed - their owners. The room is filled with warm and flushing bodies. I'm in a leather chair in front of them and curiously watching my nymph in the arms of a flexible blonde. Interweaving of their slender legs drives me crazy. What magic!
- Alex, I do not believe it! Your girlfriend would never agree to a threesome!
- I myself had no idea that she had dreamed about it for a long time. We began to hunt for a unicorn using Fantasy application and soon we held him tightly in our arms. I mean ‘her’.
- What kind of unicorn?
- Max, read the article better in order to save your face. Speaking of the face and some dirt on it... And yet, in the end of this article you will know more about it.

Joking aside, as each and every one could get into the same situation as Max did. Therefore, we advise to prepare for such situations in advance. Come together to understand sex and please our partners with new knowledge.

In this article you will find many reasons to smile, as we approach sex as a fun game. We really enjoyed the rule of «Three G» by sex researcher Dan Savage who described the main components of sexual pleasure as a GGG It stands for Good, Giving and Game. We understand this in such a way: Be good in bed, Give time and fun equally to each partner, and Play. The ability to trust your dreams and desires to your partner, to realize the most daring of your fantasies - all the secrets of sex are in your openness. Relax and talk to us about sex - feel free to interrupt, ask questions and play.


Have you ever thought about how ideal your height, hair, skin color, or size of the genitals are? Spoiler: they are ideal for all the 100 percent! So the body-positivists consider and they brighten the life with their beautiful bodies. In pursuit of perfection we forget how important it is to feel the sex appeal of our body, to feel ourselves desired. Therefore - complexes, muscular contractions and therapist couch follow.

The standards in the world of beauty and sexuality clothe people in uniform, making them ideally faceless. Let's leave globalization and harmonization for machines and processes and give people the opportunity to express themselves and welcome differences.

Every historical period had its own role models. For example, in ancient Greece the ideal female figure in the world was considered the golden-haired Aphrodite that appeared from the foam. Small firm breasts, wide hips, soft belly - our contemporaries will immediately direct this lady to a crossfit workout to get rid of the «curves» (fatty deposits on the hips) and to do abs exercises in the gym. What can one say about the standards of beauty of different nationalities! Everyone knows the insatiable thirst of Brazilians to big butts, and Koreans - to so-called «Singapore/Asian double eyelid» - crease on the upper eyelid. Oriental men, true inventors in sex, have even created the proverb, «A woman without a belly is like the sky without stars». But despite such variety of beauty in the world one could not help but thinking: maybe I also need to lose on weight quickly till the summer - cut down on something - pull - increase?

Body-positivists claim that it is not necessary to become anxious your appearance. Bodi-positivism as a phenomenon was born during the third wave of feminism in the early 1990s to fight against the objectification of the female body. The feminists - among them Bell Hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, Cherrie Moraga, Audre Lorde - stood up against the «commercial» image of women and focused on the woman as a person and not just a sexual object.

Celebrities are actively supporting the movement of body-positive people: on the cover of the alternative fashion magazine Dazed&Confuzed lovely Milla Jovovich shows her armpits without depilation. We recommend to be inspired not only by phyto-yummies in Instagram, but also by beautiful girls - body-positivism supporters. Look how they love themselves and their bodies and say: Lose hate - not weight! (Get rid of hatred rather than weight!).


Sex-positive ... What do you mean? Doesn’t everyone love sex? Sex positive is a broad concept and includes not only the love to sex, but also constant desire to learn something new about sex and sexual practices, responsible approach to sex, feeling the partner, listening to them and their desires. Sex-positivism is «an attitude towards human sexuality when all sexual interactions by mutual consent are considered to be healthy and pleasant, and sexual pleasure and experimentation are encouraged» (Gabosch, Allena «A Sex Positive Renaissance»).

«Sex isn’t something we’re going to get rid of. It’s why we’re all here after all. And that’s not something any of us should feel shame over, but instead we should be celebrating and educating ourselves about, and embracing with an attitude of positivity.»

From an interview in Huffington Post of Eric Barry, writer and creator of the sex-positive podcast 'Full Disclosure'

Sex-positive movement comes out in favor of free and open relations, it proclaims sex education and safe sex. The origins of the term can be found in the works of neo-Freudian psychologist Wilhelm Reich, famous by his studies in the field of sex (or rather, an orgasm - it was the orgazm that Reich considered to be the main source of creative energy, and even spent «orgasmic» experiments). Reich believed that full sexual satisfaction is necessary for emotional health of a person. The roots of almost all the ideas of Reich lay in sexual freedom and sexual education. With the emergence of the movement for the freedom of love (free love movement) and the feminist movement, the idea of sex-positivism is expressed in freedom for both sexes, freedom of action, freedom of love and expressing yourself. «Love outside the box» is the main symbol of sex-positivism, and means sexual relationship outside of the context, time, culture and sexual orientation.


Love is never too much as the followers of the polyamory movement think, shortly - polyamorous people or polyamorists. Polyamorists are not lemurs, hanging on the branches of civilization and conservative ideas about life. Polyamorists are bold and decisive bonobos allowing the polygamous human nature to exist. The real bible of polyamorous movement is considered to be the book «The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities» by Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt. The word  «slut» in the context of the book is «a person of either sex living according to the radical statement that sex is natural and pleasant». «The Ethical Slut» is a practical guide to the forming of group sexual and love relationships. The book describes how to live an active life with multiple concurrent sexual and love relationships on a fair and honest basis, openly and without concealing your fantasies and desires from the partner. Polyamorous philosophy is based on the principles of each person's integrity, self-responsibility and the opportunity to be happier living in a positive sexual culture.

Another pillar of polyamory is considered to be the work by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha «Sex at Dawn». Being published in 2010 this book has questioned the idea that evolution implied a person to have only one sexual partner. They state that the standard paradigm of «husband and wife» was actually an innovation model of agrarian society, and it should not be taken for granted.


This fabulous creature is the fruit of love of polyamorous people and open relationships. Unicorn is a «hot bisexual (often woman), ready to join the couple for the realization of erotic fantasies and kinks, without destroying the couple and asking nothing in return». Sounds great, right? Unicorns often «profess» polyamory, open relationships and become tempting prey of so-called «Unicorn Hunters» - polyamorous couple who are actively looking for replenishment their family. «Being a unicorn is glowing with light of love from within, opening ourselves to the new and living in harmony with our nature», as the Unicorn Shaft - the leader of London polyamorous movement «Fabulous Unicorns» - assured us. One of the principles of the London unicorns claims: «We live free and we never age, so be fabulous, have fun and play».


These words are worth remembering! These terms are often used as synonyms, but we will try to show the difference between them.

Kink is an unusual sexual interest. It is uncommon due to a different mentality and other peculiarities, so for every level of culture «eccentricity» of kink may differ. Thus, according to a survey results of one of the condom brands, favorite kink of Romanians is lingerie (including leather and lace), and Brazilians love striptease.

Kink is what excites us is just because we are unique, and that's fine to have different sexual preferences. In the Urban Dictionary we find the most sexual description: «Kink is doing in bed those things that most people only dream of». Most of the kinksters (kink owners) use the word ‘kink’ as a counterweight to the so-called «vanilla» sex, sweet and airy as frothy milk. Sex for kinksters means satisfaction of unusual fantasies, and if we continue the analogy with food - not thirst quenching with a glass of mineral water, but with a slice of watermelon, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Kinksters and fetishists are absolute gourmets and hedonists of the sex world.

Fetish is «desire to an object, body parts or actions for sexual arousal». The father of psychoanalysis - well known to us Sigmund Freud - turned to the study of the fetish in his «Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality» (1905) and found numerous examples of descriptions of fetishism in the world literature. That is the most striking example of Goethe's «Faust»:

«Get me a part of the angels’ treasure!
Lead me to where she lies at leisure!
Get me a scarf from her neck: aspire
To a garter, that’s my heart’s desire.»

So, they name fetishes the objects that usually enhance sexual arousal. For example: pieces of clothing, parts of the human body, peculiarities in behavior, appearance, etc. We can say that every fetishist has its own, unique and adorable object, sometimes unexpected and original...

It is easy to remember it this way: a fetish can be a leather jacket, mask, leg (the familiar to everyone foot fetish) and kink is also «a threesome», «role playing», «various experiments.»

Alternative sexual practices are actively gaining popularity in our society. The study held in Canada in 2016 showed that about 45,6% of all respondents (total amount of 1040 people) preferred at least 1 kind of «unusual» sexual practices (in this case, we should use the name «unusual sexual practices» for situations that are found exciting by less than 16% of the population). Among the kinks the leading position is occupied by voyeurism with 46.3% of respondents (I like to watch), fetishism is on the second place with 44.5% (I like this part of the body or this inanimate object), exhibitionism with a partner closes the top three of kinks leaders (I feel sexual excitement when having sex with a partner, and I know or guess that someone can watch us).

Have you ever thought about how your colleagues or a couple in a cafe sexually entertain themselves? Whether all of them are conservative when choosing partners or foster imagination, allowing themselves to play and put their desires into life? We can assume that the world is not filled with boring, but with open-minded people. Many of them are not even aware of their kinks and fetishes yet, but their acceptance and following realization with the similar «kinkster» will bring them thrill and joy of the discoverer.

By the way, as we promised, about the dirt on a face - thanks to me you will know about a variety of fetishes and kinks. For example, an appetizing WAM (wet and messy) fetish, when a person enjoys if drops of dirt or other substances touch his or her skin or clothes. The choice is huge - from a chic birthday cake to something less tasty and pleasant smelling - it all depends on your imagination. Thanks to a new application for the partners search according to one’s sexual fantasies Fantasy it is so easy to find your perfect dominatrix for mud baths. Dreams should come true, we feel - good wizards from Fantasy team.