Two Stories
On How to Have
An Open Relationship

From monogamy to open relationship and vice versa

Here are two different stories of Mary and Daniel. Mary is an example of how partners who have started from having an open relationship decided to try monogamy. While Daniel has told us the story of transition from monogamy to open relationship.

What is the way a couple in open relationships comes to the idea of monogamy?

Mary is a case of a person whose parents were having an open relationship. She wanted to have open marriage right from the beginning, yet even before her very first crush.

Thus Mary revealed her desire of having an open relationship to the very first boyfriend she wanted her story to last with. His name was Philip. Philip agreed he would date Mary and in parallel have sex with other persons. In one year they were living together and dating other people beyond their home. And they continued the same for the another year or two. But in these two years their meeting the third persons tended to become even more rare. And then a moment came when they understood that dating in two was the most exciting form of sexual interaction they were having.

They didn’t cease thinking open marriage to be a good idea, and they preserved contacts with many friend who were having an open relationship. But they decided they would try monogamy. They take the bonds between the two of them as the primary and most important relation of their lives. They believe living in monogamous relationship to be an experiment that aims at finding out what it feels like to fulfil every new desire with your current partner. An experiment that’s been lasting for two years.

“We have no idea what our story shall be in a year or two. But it’s been two years that we not only share with each other the fantasies we have in respect of other people but fulfil them together. Such kind of approach makes us change and try new roles on. If Philip takes to a girl, a look at her and try to become this person for him. This is both a new experience and a fascinating game. Initially it was Philip who advanced it. But I’ve become its ardent follower. We don’t suggest you tread in our steps, we are still experimenting. We explore our relationships. But our monogamous friends often ask questions about our experiences and use some of our life-hacks”—Mary says.

What is the way to transfer from monogamy to open relationship?

Here is a story of Daniel and Angelica.

“Five years together and having a child. Angelica got pregnant at the very beginning of our relationships, I didn’t even have a chance to warn her I considered open relationship to be the only appropriate form for myself. I had to do it as soon as we decided we would keep the child. It took just a couple of days for Angelica to stay stunned before I said she had five years to think the things over.

I suggested we live five years as a monogamous couple before we start moving towards open relationship. Angelica has just started recommencing her professional career after delivering a child. I understand she depends on me, and I am ready to wait for this long while. She’s coming from a religious family, and this was the reason of her first shock. We say we are like Montague and Capulets—come from different clans :).

We were not simply waiting during these 5 years. It took me five years to seduce her into open relationship. I was selecting books and movies for Angelica. So that today she is a true expert in theory: she knows things even better than some experienced practitioners do. And after almost five years Angelika initiated the idea of arranging a threesome.

The first threesome experience was not the best one. Our twosome is actually better. After this she offered I do not restrain myself from things like this, but she refused from having further experiments.

Curious as it may seem, but soon after this Angela left for a journey to Europe with her friends. After the journey she confessed her having sexual drive for another man. I was glad she had one. Now she is interested both in men and women and contemplates them as eventual sexual partners for me, for herself or both of us. I feed proud of all the way we’ve come through together, and I’m ready to grant her as much time as she needs to welcome other people into our relationship in a more intimate plane. This is the principal journey of our life, and I’m happy we’re having this journey together”—Daniel.

We enjoy reading stories from couples and seeing how different their relationships are. We are grateful to all those who share their stories with us and we believe this information shall facilitate others in making their choice.

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