Beyond the door, temptation awaits in the world’s best swingers club.

The electrical charge of sexual energy is palpable. Beautiful couples looking for other like-minded people lounge around the room, checking out each newcomer.

Dim, sensual lighting makes everything seem more like a hyperrealistic fantasy than reality. A world of temptation lies before you.

All you need to do is enter it.

Welcome to the wonderful, erotically-charged world of swingers clubs. You’re about to discover where the world’s best are hidden, just waiting for you to reach out and open the doors to your innermost fantasies.

We’re proud to introduce the best swingers clubs the world has to offer.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to travel to these – so you may want to check out this article here!

Cap D’Agde Swingers Resort – The South of France

Cap D’Agde Swingers Resort – The South of France

About 18 miles southwest of the French city Monpellier lies the beautiful town of Agde.

It is world-renowned for its beautiful marina that sits on sparkling blue waters, and for being one of the stops for the Tour de France. However, people know it for another reason too.

It is home to one of the biggest naturist resorts in the world, which resides on what is known as Cap, meaning the tip of the village.

The village offers the chance to truly let go in a place entirely free of judgement with people from all over the world. You can book into hotels like the Naturist Spa Hotel, which is a popular place for singers and non-swingers alike.

You can also attend foam parties, which are a highlight for many swingers in the area. Or you can head down to the Cap d’Agde Naturist Beach for some fun in the sun.

But let’s face it, you’re here for a swingers club, and the resort definitely has those.

And remember – all clubs have rules you need to follow.

Le Tantra

Le Tantra

As one of the clubs that opens the latest each night, Le Tantra is bound to be full of interesting people and couples.

Opening at 11pm and with an entry fee of about €40 a couple (at the time of writing), this club provides access to a French swingers paradise full of beautiful people. Go with your partner and drink in the atmosphere to see how the French do swinging differently.

Top tip for you – buy a bottle. It’s a lot cheaper than buying one drink at a time, and the staff will hold it for you for a week.

Le Glamour

Arguably one of the best swingers clubs in the area — and definitely the biggest — Le Glamour will grant you and your partner access to an incredible world of pleasure.

You can drink, dance, indulge in sensual and sexually charged games, and party the night away in erotic bliss. Check their website to discover the incredible line-up of erotic events they have on offer, and go nuts.

Their foam party is a particular highlight. Held if the weather permits between 2 and 7pm, it will be an experience you’re not likely to forget.

The cost of entry is about €50 per couple, at the time of writing.

Histoires d' O

Histoires d' O

This is the one to visit if you crave excellent saunas and exquisite playrooms.

With a good mix of locals and tourists, you’re sure to find something exciting here. Named after the famed erotic novel The Story of O by French author Anne Desclos, which caused quite a stir when it was published in 1954, this swingers club stays true to its name.

North America

Hacienda Villa, New York City

If you were to walk past the world-famous Hacienda Villa in Brooklyn, New York, it would seem like any other gorgeous Brooklyn Brownstone apartment building.

But if you knew what was inside, you wouldn’t want to walk past without peeking through the window.

Home to around fourteen people and with a waiting list a mile long, Hacienda Villa prides itself on creating a safe, sex positive community of like-minded people. Think the TV show Friends, but with a lot more swingers.

Consensual romantic relationships with multiple partners are encouraged, and they are constantly holding events, parties, and classes for the curious.

Sign up for their newsletter to stay abreast of the latest news, or join their membership program to get exclusive access to saucy private play events.

Organ House, San Francisco

Organ House, San Francisco

This Bay Area community is dedicated to normalizing sexual exploration and the swinging lifestyle, making it an awesome place for swingers to check out.

With a devotion to making non-monogamy more accepted by the general public, Organ House is constantly holding events that swingers will enjoy. They also respect consent culture, something that people in the swinger lifestyle will greatly appreciate.

Head on over to their website to check out their stance on consent, their incredible community, and the list of upcoming events.

Bronze Party, San Francisco

Priding itself as playing host to one of the most multicultural, exclusive parties in the world, this is a swingers club that you want on your radar.

It’s members-only, but every RSVP or ticket purchase is guaranteed to get you into a world of sensual erotic pleasure. And with multiple parties held throughout the year, you and your partner are sure to find something to suit your tastes.

Check out their website to discover how to become a member of this exclusive swingers club.

Naughty in N’awlins, New Orleans

Naughty in N’awlins, New Orleans

Naughty in N’awlins is one of the biggest swinger parties in New Orleans, playing host to over 2,000 swingers every July.

It is a sight to behold as the famous Bourbon St. is shut down to accommodate one of the most erotic parties the city has ever seen, where you can mix and mingle with hundreds of other like-minded individuals and get as naughty as you want.

With dance floors, playrooms, swinger clubs, dungeons, meet and greets, tours, and even contests, you and your partner will find swinging heaven down in New Orleans.


Kinky-Party, Moscow

Kinky-Party, Moscow

Staying true to the spirit of the best Berlin and Paris sex clubs, Kinky-Party in Moscow is definitely an swingers club to check out if you’re ever in Eastern Europe.

Showcasing the most beautiful people engaging in nothing but love and sex, this is your ticket to the naughtiest that Russia has to offer.

With an exclusive dress code that sometimes means black tie for men, Kinky-Party plays host to numerous themed parties and balls. A ticket to this swingers club will give you access to an incredible world of class and sex that you will never forget.


Castle Events

Europe Castle Events

For 10 years, the team behind the world-famous Castle Events has been providing Eyes Wide Shut-style parties to their clientele and have never failed to deliver excellent parties.

Touted as something to do before you die, booking a trip to one of their castle events around Europe will leave you with a few incredibly erotic stories to tell. If you have ever wanted to feel like Tom Cruise, now is your chance.

Luxury and class meet sex and debauchery at some of the most exclusive swinger parties in the world, putting many swinger clubs to shame. Check out their website for a full list of all their events, which are held all around Europe all year-round.

And there you have some of the most popular swinger clubs in the world.

But, if you’ve never been to a swingers club before, you may be nervous about venturing into one.

Or maybe you have been, but are now a single man and can’t get in anymore because you don’t have a partner.

That’s where Fantasy comes in.

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And if you know any other interesting swingers clubs we didn’t mention, let us know in the comments below!