New York City (NYC) has always been one of America’s cultural hubs, so it really is no surprise that NYC swingers clubs are some of the hottest around.

New York can be a place where all sexual fantasies come true, if you know where to go.

They are also part of the new wave of swinger clubs that do things a little differently than most!

So why not check out the top 5 swingers clubs in NYC?

We are all swingers – but not all of us know this (Fantasy)

What is a Swinger Club?


Swingers clubs in New York are different from the regular swinger clubs you get.

In fact, they’re part of the “new wave” of clubs that is gaining popularity.

They no longer call themselves “swingers clubs” as much, but are instead far more open when it comes to the people who go there.

People and couples who respect openness and sex positivity are more than welcome, even if they don’t count themselves as swingers.

This means that you can go just to check out the atmosphere if you like, as long as you keep the rules in mind!

Don’t expect to hook up easily as a single person either! An NYC swinger club will still be heavily populated with swingers and those who are into the lifestyle. So don’t expect to enter and end up in a threesome. These clubs are there to specifically provide a safe, accepting environment for partners who are into the swinging lifestyle and people who may be curious about what it’s all about.

With that in mind, ido your research before going. Most NYC swinger clubs will have a website that lists the rules of the establishment. You can also check out any upcoming theme nights, whether they take cash or credit, what their hours are, and whether you are required to be a member to enter.

These guidelines help create a safe space for everyone, so having an idea of the basics will make your visit a lot more enjoyable. If you can’t find their rules on their website, we’d suggest giving them a call.

Or you could read our article on sex club rules to give yourself a clearer idea of what to do and what not to do.

The actual swinging in an NYC swinging club will take place in a designated area, so if you’re not into the lifestyle, don’t expect sex to be happening everywhere. If you are into the lifestyle, you and your partner can find a couple that you like, and if you hit it off, you can discuss boundaries to see where it goes.

Communication and trust are crucial in an NYC swinger club. Boundaries need to be discussed before any sex takes place, rejection must be taken in stride, and everyone needs to be respectful. Just remember to treat people how you want to be treated and everything will be fine!

Other things to note if you’re going there to swing are to clean up before you go. Brush your teeth (nobody likes smelly breath!), bring protection and lube, and remember to have safe sex always.

And as with any other bar in NYC, please drink responsibly.

A visit to a swingers club in NYC is about having fun, so just relax and remember that there is no pressure to do anything. Your visit is about your experience, so don’t rush into anything you’re not ready for.

The best thing to do is to get acclimatized to the club when you walk in. Breathe in the atmosphere, have a couple of drinks, chat with people, see where the night takes you. You and your partner are sure to get into the swing of things before long.

An NYC swinger club is a place for like-minded, sex positive people to hang out, meet new people, and have fun! So just relax and take it easy.

Now, in no particular order, let’s look at the top 5 swingers clubs in NYC.

The Best Swingers Clubs in NYC

Hacienda Villa

As one of the premier swinging clubs in New York, you can always find a fun time at the Hacienda Villa.

From the outside, it looks like any other Brooklyn brownstone, but inside you’ll find 14 bedrooms of sexual heaven. Everyone there lives a sex-positive lifestyle and encourages the swinging lifestyle. And while there is a long waiting list to be a tenant, they are more than welcoming to new people.

They want visitors to experience their unique brand of community by providing public parties, classes, and events. Just sign up for their newsletter to see what is coming up and whether you can attend. If you want access to the sexier stuff, consider becoming a member. All of this can be found on their website, so feel free to check it out for yourself.


Billing themselves as a “social club for the adventurous,” this members-only club provides some of the best swinging experiences in NYC.

As with any swing club in New York, you can expect a fun time at NSFW. It provides a great judgement-free zone where you can explore your sexual desires. You can learn bondage basics at KinkLab or experience the spiritual at Sacred Pleasures.

There’s even a chance to dine with top chefs at Dankquet.

This NYC swinger club offers something for every adult, but you have to get through their selection process first. They’re very particular about the people they allow to become members. A visit to their site will let you know whether you can get in on the fun!

Killing Kittens NYC

Killing Kittens NYC

For swingers looking for high-end, exclusive hedonistic pleasure, Killing Kittens is the place to go!

A members-only NYC swinger club for females and couples only, it plays host to a number of sex- or sexually themed parties and events. Trust us when we say that a membership here will open the door to a world of excitement you never thought possible.

They have parties like Kurious Kittens, which is a clothes-on type of affair and relatively tame. And on the other side of the spectrum they have KK Hedonism, where you and your partner can expect nakedness, hot tubs, pools, and masks.

Or maybe you’d like to check out the KK Country House, where members can indulge in a naked romp in an incredible country mansion?

It’s incredible to be a member of Killing Kittens, as it is one of the most fun swinging clubs in New York. If you’d like to check it out, head over to their website, fill out the application for a newsletter, and take it from there!


This one is for you singles out there. Like we mentioned earlier, swinging clubs in New York are part of the new wave and are allowing more singles into their midst.

Intimate has a novel approach to the NYC swinger club tradition, as it believes that the individual is more important than a relationship. Their reasoning is that relationships come and go, but you will always be you.

True to their name, parties here are always intimate affairs, with no more than 40 people allowed at any one time. They start out really casually, with cocktails and conversation to allow everyone to get comfortable. After that, everyone goes to the playroom to learn about Tantric, kink, sex toys, and much more.

It’s a great swinger club in New York for you single people out there, or those who are looking to dip their toes into the lifestyle.



Chemistry is one of the chiller NYC swing clubs in New York. If you’re new to the swinging scene, then we’d suggest this one as a starting point for you.

This club allows you to ease yourself into the lifestyle while still experiencing the sexiness of a great NYC swinger club. Here you’ll find erotic performances and great live music monthly, giving you access to a really comfortable space for you and your partner.

It is members-only, however, so head over to their website and apply. Once you’re accepted, you’ll get access to all their events, including burlesque shows, fire dancing, sultry themed parties, and public sex.

As you can see, NYC has some of the most intriguing swinger clubs in the world.

And all of them are sure to impress.

You can be sure to find an open, safe, judgement-free zone at every one of them, so check them out if you want to.

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And if you’ve visited any awesome swingers clubs in New York that we haven’t listed, be sure to let us know in the comments.