The More the Merrier - a Happy Alternative to Monogamy

A common cause of difficulties in a relationship is when partners avoid discussing their feelings, desires and needs. "Alternative" relationships are no exception. Polyamory - where people engage in loving relations with more than one person - is increasing, as couples realize that monogamy is not the only route to happiness. One partner may also permit their partner to have sex with another person, even if they choose not to have additional relationships themselves - that is, an open relationship. Indeed, it could be argued that these relationships are far more honest than having illicit affairs outside your partner's knowledge. It is essential for both partners to be happy with the situation for this to thrive. In a polyamorous or open relationship, this is known as compersion.

What Is Compersion?

We may define compersion as being the very opposite of the “jealousy” that many people would feel at knowing that their partners are sexually or emotionally intimate with another person. It expresses the happiness that a person may find in knowing that their partner enjoys an intimate relationship with another lover. Yet it could also be argued that the lack of jealousy stems from a deep feeling of security and contentment within the relationship. Each partner knows that the commitment they feel for each other is not challenged by additional relationships. If anything, it could be strengthened by knowing that each partner is happy and able to express their desires fully and completely. Society conditions people to see monogamy as the norm, yet this is not a satisfying way of life for a significant minority, who are unlikely to find fulfillment in a relationship that requires them to focus on one particular person.

Finding Your New Partner

Of course, the problem for anyone wishing to enter into an open or polyamorous relationship is the same as with anyone looking for a monogamous partner: where to find them. Naturally it is harder, as monogamy is still the standard in society. You can make your search easier by turning to the 21st-century solution: downloading an app. The Fantasy app is designed for people like you who are seeking unconventional relationships, whether they're polyamorous, BDSM-oriented, or a simple threesome. In short: any consensual relationship that is outside the norm. Remember - compersion is the definition of happiness, and with this app you will find people who are looking for a relationship that suits all partners.

Everything You Are Looking For

The Fantasy app offers all kinds of useful tools to help you find the person who shares your fantasies and desires. You may search using keywords (and don't think you're alone in your fetish or fantasy - there are bound to be others who share it!), read stories (feel free to share your own!), and all in a safe and anonymous environment. So if you think that compersion defines love and trust, then find your perfect third - or even fourth soul mate - on our Fantasy app. Download this FREE app today and find a fulfilling polyamorous, fetish, or open relationship today.