Monogamish Relationships

Monogamish Relationships: The Future Of Marriage?

Life is about having the courage, or finding it along the way, to become a fuller person so that you can enjoy it more and feel more alive by pursuing interests that might be out of the ordinary. It is about finding joy in connecting with others... It is about being fueled by curiosity, not by fear. -Dossie Easton, author of The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities

The idea of the monogamish relationship has continued to gain momentum in recent years. Some dismiss it as a clever way to say “cheating” while others hail it as the grand savior of relationships and marriages, many of which are so very unhappy. In an age where 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and many people complain about their extreme unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their partners, could monogamish relationship rules be the key to lasting love? Monogamish partnerships are celebrated at Fantasy App - download the revolutionary dating app now!

Monogamish Vs. Open Relationships

Open relationships are generally characterized as those where both parties have the freedom to sleep with other people whenever they want. Such people are often referred to as “swingers” whether they engage in the “key parties” made popular in the 1970s or not. Some people keep their relationships open for years, while others do it for a short period of time. Monogamish relationships differ from open relationships because they are not necessarily about sleeping with other people on a continual basis. They are about communicating what you expect from your relationship as it transitions from a monogamous state into something else. It is about sharing fantasies with your partner that may or may not involve other people and experimenting with different types of open relationships until you find what best suits both of you.

The Healthy Alternative To Monogamy?

While there are still plenty of naysayers, a monogamish marriage or relationship may be the sex-positive answer couples are looking for. The rules for monogamish relationships differ with each couple, as the goal is to find what makes you and your partner the most happy...and the most satisfied. Despite the near-unattainable ideal of a happy monogamous relationship that continues to pervade society, the “hell” of a committed relationship remains just as pervasive. No sex, no fun, and no communication are among the top complaints of those in committed relationships, whether they are contemplating divorce or not. Monogamish relationships provide the relief and release people need to see if continuing in their current partnership is enough. Some end up discovering they are better off apart, while others engage in monogamish relationships only for a little while. Still others find it is the key to a lasting, intimate relationship, and grow closer as a result.

If you suspect a monogamish relationship is the right thing for you and your partner, consider what Fantasy App has to offer. You may be happily surprised!