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Your Polyamorous Dating App Is Here

I reserve the right to love many different people at once, and to change my prince often.--Anaïs Nin

Being in love with someone does not always mean the relationship is exclusive. While trust is one of the foundations for a healthy relationship, it is entirely possible to have total faith in another while exploring sexual boundaries with other people. Fantasy App is the polyamorous dating app designed for couples who want to explore these boundaries...so why not download the app now?

A Journey You Take Together

Inviting others into your bedroom (or being invited into their bedrooms) happens for any number of reasons, whether you and your partner feel restless in the relationship, you want to check a few boxes off your sexual bucket list, or you have always believed in the polyamorous lifestyle among countless other possibilities. You may decide to explore this type of sexual relationship for a short time to “get it out of your system” or you may want to always keep your relationship open. Whatever your short or long-term relationship goals, Fantasy app is one of the best polyamory dating sites that lets you test and re-test your boundaries in a sex-positive, judgement-free, welcoming online environment. Polyamory is a journey you take together in the hopes of trying new things and even strengthening your bond as a couple.

Poly Dating App Benefits

In addition to providing a judgement-free zone for venturing beyond traditional monogamy, our polyamory app is completely private. Your account is hidden by default so you and your partner can decide when you want to make yourselves available to other poly-happy individuals and couples. Tell us what your preferred fantasies are and we will match you with like-minded people so you can feel free to rock, roll, and romp whenever you want. Taking this journey together as a couple is not one you should feel embarrassed or weird about--it’s what you want, after all! Using our polyamorous dating app is subsequently the best and easiest way to fulfill your deepest sexual desires and have a heck of a good time in the process.

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