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Using a Couples Dating App: What You Need To Know

If you and your significant other are thinking of dating as a couple and using a couples dating app, you should know that, first, you are not by any means alone; and, second, that there is nothing wrong with that choice. There are, however, a few things that you should know when it comes to stepping out of the non-traditional monogamous relationship.

Communication is Key

Before either of you signs up for a couples dating app or a couples dating service, you should both set some ground rules or guidelines. While the specific list of guidelines may be different for each couple, a few good pointers include knowing where you’ll be meeting another person or couple and how often, and what the interactions will entail. Will they be sexual in nature? Do you prefer dinner first? You both should decide!

Find a Safe Space

There are several online dating websites for couples and even hookup apps for couples. When perusing a website or app, you should look for sex positive language and encouragement to express yourself, as well as a guarantee of confidentiality if that is a priority. You should also create a safe space for conversations with your significant other, as well as with new prospective partners.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You also shouldn’t be afraid of asking for what you want sexually. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to experiment with BDSM, you should speak to your partner in advance. You should also find a medium that caters to your need. For instance, the Fantasy Dating App welcomes couples who are swingers as well as singles who are interested in expanding their sexual horizons.

Do Your Research to Find the Best Couples Dating App

Whether you are looking for a couples dating app or would like to try out some BDSM, research is key. For the app, you want a place that is welcoming of all of your interests and that will provide a safe space for exploration. If you are looking into a new kink, you should definitely research the basics of BDSM as well as any safety concerns. For instance, rope place can cause cramps and bruising if improperly performed. While a bit of research is warranted, there is also nothing wrong with admitting that you are new and need to ask questions.

Exploring the dating world as a couple will take a bit of work, but you will also have plenty of fun along the way.