Open Relationship

Taking the First Steps Along the Ethical Non-Monogamous Path with Effy Blue NYC

Effy Blue is one of the partners of the Fantasy App. Fantasy App is at the forefront of changing attitudes towards monogamy and challenging the status quo. For many people, the morals and ethics that have guided us towards monogamous relationships for two millennia simply doesn’t result in a happy love life and many are looking to alternative lifestyles for love and romance. Download the Fantasy App to learn how you can change your own status quo.

Monogamy May Not Suit Everyone

Effy Blue is a successful relationship counsellor who has embraced and accepted that there are options other than monogamy for achieving a fulfilled and happy love life. Effy delivers her messages via many media and in September 2017, she hosted “Consider This”, a day of challenging the status quo in relationships. Presented by Curious Fox and House of Yes, Fantasy App was proud to be the event’s sponsor. The event was enlightening, insightful and entertaining, driving home the message that to want something different is acceptable and achievable. For Effy New York was the best place to hold the event, since it has been one of the cultural hubs for decades. According to Effy NYC is also a place where different cultures meet, so it is easier to discuss new ideas here.

Curious Fox Presents: Consider This

Attending such an event as “Consider This” is a perfect way to be introduced to the idea that there may be something different than the “usual” way to find romantic and sexual relationship, or to gain further experience and insight if you’ve already chosen a non-monogamous path. If you are in the “not-sure” camp or are hesitant about defining your position, Effy Blue’s “Open Relationship Test” is a great first step. Taking the test will reveal how predisposed you are to open and non-monogamous relationships.

The Moral Stance by Effy Blue

If you are looking for an affirmation that enables you to bed hop and sleep with as many men/women you wish, you’re in the wrong place. Although there is nothing negative in bed hopping itself, this has little to do with the issue of committed relationships. The salient point of the Fantasy App, Effy Blue’s philosophy and the tenets of events like Consider This is that it is ethical non-monogamy. Ethical is the key here. Your couple is the bedrock and centric to both partners enjoying a successful open relationship. Otherwise it’s just plain old cheating. Ethical non-monogamy is a journey that partners take together.

You can read more about the Open Relationship Test and the Fantasy App analysis of it here.