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Monogamish Movie: An “Exploration Of Sex & Love”

The institution of marriage is in crisis. 1.1 million Americans get divorced every year.  And it’s not just the couples who suffer: Half of American children will see their parents get divorced.--from the ‘Monogamish: The Movie” website.

There’s a monogamish movie that’s waiting to be seen. Directed by Tao Ruspoli and featuring cast members such as sex columnist Dan Savage, psychotherapist and author Esther Perel, psychologist and author Christopher Ryan, and poet/essayist/political activist John Perry Barlow among many others, the film attempts to answer the questions surrounding the concept of the romantic, committed relationship. The website notes that while attitudes about gender roles, work, power, and sex have changed significantly over the last century, the ideal of a loving, committed relationship has not. Fantasy App is here to help couples answer that the app now to explore your relationship!

The Monogamish Film Wants To “Question Everything”

Director Ruspoli includes his own marriage and highly-public divorce in the film, learns more about his “unconventional” family, and finds himself questioning everything to do with marriage and why people so often take it for granted after being so obsessed with finding the perfect mate.

Marriage was a business relationship for centuries, with love a perk you hoped to get if you were particularly lucky. Millions of people have unfortunately been dragged down in terrible relationships, whether they were abusive in nature or just plain boring. The idea of the lazy husband and nagging wife has permeated media in the United States and overseas for decades, and emphasized the idea of marriage as a personal form of hell. Half of marriages end in divorce, and maybe half of those who stay married are actually happy. Just think of one of the many memorable quotes from The Princess Bride:

You truly love each other and so you might have been truly happy. Not one couple in a century has that chance, no matter what the storybooks say.

Questioning everything we know about marriage may just be the answer to lasting relationships.

Why DO People Get Married?

Attempting to understand why people get married to begin with is key in determining why the ideal of a loving, committed relationship endures. People get hitched for reasons that have little to nothing to do with love despite what they claim, including security, pressure from family and society, and because they simply do not want to be alone. Many people stay in their relationships specifically for the latter reason--they have already put so many years into the partnership that leaving it and starting all over again becomes too hard. So they stay--happy or not--and often fantasize about others, whether it be the cute waitress at the local diner or the hot mailman. The monogamish movie seeks to answer the “why the heck do people get and stay married” question, and whether being in a more open relationship should become the new ideal.

The monogamish documentary is not for sale yet and is currently a Crowdfunding campaign. Will you buy it? Why or why not?