Monogamish: It’s Definitely A Thing

Monogamish: a relationship that is mostly monogamous, but occasionally exceptions are made for sexual play.--Urban Dictionary

Perhaps we simply cannot escape the cold hard fact that the dream of the perfect happily ever after story book monogamous marriage is simply not a reality for a great many people. Instead we have incredibly high divorce rates, and families with little stability left in its wake. Is there another answer? -Psychology Today

Monogamish: A (Relatively) New Type Of Relationship

Sure, people have always strayed outside of their relationships, whether married or not. Sometimes they hide their activities from their partners, or both partners are happy to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere while remaining in the relationship. Whatever the situation, people are still asking “What is monogamish?” Fantasy App offers one way to answer this question--download it now!

Mongamish’ is as the Urban Dictionary states: a couple in a committed relationship who occasionally dives back into the sexual pool. Some couples are all about threesomes, while others prefer to have one-on-one encounters with those who are not their partners. Still others remain monogamous the vast majority of the time and give their partners “hall passes” for set periods so they can have one-night stands and flings. The idea that a relationship has to be monogamous to work is one people are increasingly dismissing. For one thing, people live a whole lot longer than they used to, so saying “until death do us part” is a much bigger commitment. It was easy to say “I do” when people only lived to be 40-something.

Monogamy: A Dated Concept?

Another reason fully monogamous relationships are increasingly debated is because marriage was originally a business relationship, and whether you liked each other or not was irrelevant. Kings and queens married to secure their kingdoms and expand their wealth, and famously cheated on their spouses (okay, mainly kings--Henry VIII, anyone?)

Those business arrangement days are (mostly) gone, and while marrying for love is a wonderful and beautiful thing, not everyone is going to get everything they need from one person. They need the occasional tryst or dalliance to explore different sexual avenues or to remind themselves why their partner is the best person for them. Allowing room for sex-positive experiences outside of a relationship can arguably create much healthier unions that last because people do not feel stifled or otherwise unable to express themselves. They cherish their partners instead of increasingly resenting them. Not everyone in unhappy marriages get divorced after all. Think about it, how many couples do you know that are really and truly happy? How many of them do you think would benefit from a “hall pass” or experience on our Fantasy App to reinvigorate themselves and feel happy in their relationships?

One Fantasy App To Rule Them All

If the occasional fling or similar experience is something your relationship desperately needs, give yourself and your partner the monogamish gift of Fantasy App. We provide a safe, private, non-judgmental environment for diving into whole new worlds--an app for all people who want to meet like-minded individuals. Pretty great, right?