While it may not be impossible for you to meet swingers on a regular night out at normal bars and clubs, it can be a challenge. Not to mention the difficulty of raising the subject with strangers.

We know how hard it can be, especially if you’re new to the lifestyle or have just moved to a new city.

That is exactly why we came up with the best ways to meet swingers.

Swinger Parties and Clubs

Swinger Parties and Clubs

This is one great way to meet swingers in your area – providing, of course, that you already have a partner to come with you.

There are a lot of clubs that cater specifically to swingers.

Now, these are different from your regular clubs and bars. Most of the time they only allow couples or single women in the door (sorry, guys!). But if you can get in, they provide a safe environment where everyone present is into the same thing.

You have to do your research, however A lot of these are members-only, and even then you need to RSVP for most of the events. This means that you can’t just turn up and expect to get in.

Once you’re a member, you’ll find a ton of events at each club, including theme nights that can be worlds of fun for you and your partner.

If you’ve never been to one, you need to know that there are rules for each club. These are in place to ensure that everyone is safe during their time there, so you need to do your research before going.

Clubs aren’t the only ones with rules. Swingers abide by a particular etiquette both online and in real life. You can learn about it here.

Swinger clubs are an excellent way to meet local swingers. The number one rule to remember is that it is all about communication and trust. Once you and your partner find a nice couple, you’ll need to discuss boundaries. This includes your dos and don’ts.

You need to respect everyone’s rules and keep in mind that it is totally okay to say no. You don’t want to do something that you’ll regret, so don’t feel embarrassed to turn someone or something down.

Once you’ve found a willing couple and the boundaries have been discussed, you can head to the play area. This is dedicated area of the club where the sex takes place. Have fun – just remember to bring protection and lube!

Other tips: Be clean when you go, take your time to get acclimatized to each club you walk into, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Swinger Sites and Forums

Swinger Sites and Forums

If you’re a single guy or don’t want to head to a swinger club by yourself, your next best bet is swinger sites and forums.

These are where everyone who is into the lifestyle hangs out, talking to other like-minded people, swapping stories and tips about their lifestyle, and meeting up with other couples.

They can be great if you’re new, so we’ve compiled a couple of the best ones here.

Adult Friend Finder is perhaps one of the most established among the many online websites dedicated to swingers. Whether you’re in the mood for a threesome, a hook-up, some live chat, or just alternative dating in general, they have certainly made a name for themselves as one of the best places to go online.

Meeting swingers on Adult Friend Finder is fairly easy because they have a very active community. It’s not just swingers either; you can find people into almost anything on here if you look hard enough

Head over to their forum section to find an active thread or begin your own. Start chatting with local swingers and see what happens! You can even take advantage of cam tokens and erotic stories.Don’t think it’s all about the sex. A lot of the people on there are just there to hang out online, willing to teach or learn from everyone else. This makes it a great choice if you’re just starting out with the swinger lifestyle.

Keep in mind that there is a membership fee, though, and it starts from $20 a month.

Another good site for meeting swingers is Adult Friend Finder’s sister site, Swap Finder.

Unlike Adult Friend Finder, Swap Finder caters specifically to couples who wish to exchange partners. But if you’re single, you’re welcome to join to try and find a partner.

With a large community of active members sharing a ton of photos and videos, you’re not likely to run out of content anytime soon. Simply join and see what happens.

Match with people, chat to them, peruse the message boards, meet up with local swingers – it allows you to do all of this. You may also want to check out their Magazine section, where members can submit questions, or their own articles based on their experiences.

For a newbie, this can be a treasure trove of useful knowledge as you can ask all your burning questions and get the answers from the pros.

Just remember that there is a membership fee for this site as well, which starts at $30 dollars for a month.

Another excellent site to help you meet swingers is SDC.

Standing for Swingers Date Club, they are so much more than just a dating site.

Having been around since 2000, they provide people with two very distinct sections.

The first section is a Buzzfeed-like journalism site, absolutely packed to the brim with tips, tricks, and various ways to get the most out of your sex life. With articles for every type of kink and sexual niche imaginable, you’re sure to find something really useful here.

The second section is the one that is focused on bringing people together in either public or private events. If you want to meet swingers, this is the section you need to keep your eye on.

After registering, you can see what events are coming up and check out some of their excellent parties. Or you can just connect with couples or singles for erotic dating or some casual fun. However, the parties and events are probably your best bet when it comes to meeting swingers.

There are advanced search features on the site as well, including ones related to sexual desires, which can help you narrow down your dating pool.

Another great section is their “swingers getaway”, which lets you book a sexy vacation to an amazing location. It is really popular among Redditors.

The site is free to join, but you’ll need to pay for membership to unlock the exclusive features, like live cam shows and unlimited chats.

Swinger Apps

Swinger Apps

While clubs and websites are awesome places to meet swingers, they aren’t exactly the most practical.

It can be incredibly nerve wracking to just turn up at a club, not to mention the fact that you won’t be allowed in if you’re a single guy.

And the dating sites are just inconvenient for chatting, especially since everyone is on their phones these days.

(Just look at the most popular apps on the app store – all messaging apps!)

If you’re a swinger, you want an easy, convenient way to meet swingers.

And that’s mobile apps.

We have a whole article on them here, but we want to tell you about one in particular...

That’s where Fantasy comes in.

The minds behind Fantasy always wanted a place where you could meet people in a sex-positive environment.

Somewhere safe, free of judgement, and entirely open.

Since they couldn’t find it, they made it.

Their mission is to allow everyone to be open about their sexual desires, kinks, and fantasies - without having to hold back at all.

Because there are few things better than meeting, chatting with, and learning from other people who share the same kinds of fantasies. It helps open your mind to new experiences and gives you the chance to meet the perfect person for you.

The fact that it is an app makes it incredibly convenient as well, because you can chat to anyone, no matter where you are.

Check it out on the app store to meet swingers in your area today!