With social media recently having banned emojis that have been termed sexual, it’s becoming increasingly clear that not everyone in this day and age is ready to be sexually liberated. Enter Daniel Saynt.

Daniel envisiosn a world where everyone is fully in touch with their sensual sides, no longer viewing sex as taboo, but as a healthy, everyday part of life.

With that in mind, the creator of NSFW Nights has just launched PROSEX, which is way for the sex-positive community to protect their rights.

The PROSEX Mission

The PROSEX Mission

Sex is not something to ever be ashamed of, and yet a lot of society thinks we should be.

Since we were kids, we’ve been told to suppress our sexual appetites. Speaking of sex is impolite, something that should not be a topic of conversation.

Our inner desires are “wrong” or “indecent” if they go beyond vanilla sex practices, leading many to be too ashamed to openly express their kinks.

Society at large seems to frown upon kinkier sexual lifestyles, forcing BDSM practitioners, swingers, and many others underground, living their lives in secret.

Even masturbation is frowned upon, leading many to feel guilt when they practice it, which should not be the case.

As social media platforms continue to censor those who are deemed “too sexual” by society’s laws and deletes their profiles without warning, it is becoming increasingly important for this message to be spread.

Even employers are free to terminate or reduce the opportunities of people who are deemed “immoral” due to their sexual histories.

There seems to be a growing pushback against people who lead healthy sex lives that exist outside of the traditional; many sexual wellness foundations are refused support by major banks and payment services.

Daniel Saynt, one of the activist hosts behind the incredible New Society for Wellness, wants to change this with PROSEX.

He wants PROSEX to act as a single unified voice against the sex shaming that has become so prevalent in society.

The hashtag #NotVanilla is here to help you share your support for this movement, acting as a beacon of light for the PROSEX community to share their values across the world.

They want to raise awareness of the PROSEX initiative through various sources, including the press, influencers, and the launch of an exclusive, first-of-its-kind social media campaign uniting everyone in the sex-positive community and letting the world know that we are #NotVanilla.

We want everyone to know that it’s perfectly okay to have sexual desires beyond what is generally considered “normal.” We are all sexual beings, and the more in touch we are with our sexual sides, the better.

PROSEX wants to establish a legal support system for us all by drafting a bill that a representative can bring to Congress to protect our rights. The bill’s name will be “Protect the Rights of the Sexual Explorative” and will start in New York State before going national.

There will be a PROSEX rally held in New York City and Los Angeles to get the word out to the masses while also giving people a platform to share their #NotVanilla stories.

PROSEX believes that visibility for non-traditional sexual exploration is key to building acceptance in society and protecting our rights.

You can join the movement today. Tell you followers that you are #NotVanilla by sharing a kink, a fetish, or whatever you want to. Show the world that you own your non-traditional sex life and encourage your friends to do the same.

Tag @wereprosex in your stories to help spread the message as far as possible.

Join the movement and help protect the rights of the sexually explorative with PROSEX.

About Daniel Saynt

About Daniel Saynt

Daniel Saynt, pronounced “Saint,” is perhaps the ideal public figure to lead the PROSEX movement to success.

Years ago, he left a lucrative career in the fashion and luxury lifestyle industry to spread respect and the development of safe, judgement-free spaces to ensure that everyone can embrace their non-traditional sex lives to achieve true, lasting happiness.

As the man behind the incredible New Society for Wellness (NSFW), an exclusive member-only club and creative agency for sexual wellness, PROSEX is his latest foray into sexual activism.

Daniel wants everyone to realize that we are all inherently sexual beings and that this is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is an important part of our lives.

He does so by battling censorship, while also acting as an evangelist for consent culture wherever he goes.

He’s helped take the “sex club” from a seedy backroom joint to something influential, exciting, and synonymous with class. He has also recently launched his first app.

The app, called NSFW Nights, wants to provide a safe space where people can explore their sexual desires in much the same way that his club has.

Join the Movement

Join the Movement

All of us at Fantasy are behind Daniel and PROSEX 100%.

It’s about time we took back our rights and protected ourselves against censorship and stigma.

Sex is natural, healthy, and fun. This needs to be shown to everyone, since it has been deemed “taboo” for way too long.

By joining the PROSEX movement, you can help do your part to protect the rights of the sex-positive community.

Help us pass the first “anti-slut shaming” law to fight the discrimination of people based on what they do in the bedroom.

Head to social media with the hashtag #NotVanilla and share your stories. Let your followers know your kinks and fetishes. Share your stories.

Make sure your friends do the same. Changing minds starts with getting the word out. Just remember to tag @wereprosex in your stories to help PROSEX spread the message.

And perhaps one day, discrimination based on sexual history and preferences will no longer be an issues for those in the sex-positive community.

If you want to meet others like yourself, Fantasy has you covered.

It’s an app that lets you match with people based on your shared kinks, making it easier for newbies and old pros alike to find more people that are into their kind of lifestyle.

Why not create a room talking about the PROSEX movement on the app and see what everyone else thinks?

Meet new people. Make friends. Learn from others.

Fantasy is the best way for sex-positive people to do just that.