The Best Dating Apps for Open Relationships

Open relationships are on the rise gaining acceptance as never before. In today's dating world, people are open to exploring different forms of relationships outside of traditional monogamy. And thus, they seek dating apps with the non-monogamous community’s specific needs in mind.

Whether you are poly or just poly-curious here is our list of open dating apps for folks looking to experience open relationships.

Understanding Open Relationships

Before moving to dating apps designed for those seeking polyamorous connections, it's worth figuring out what defines this dynamic. Open relationships are built on a consensual agreement where individuals enjoy the liberty to experience romantic or intimate joy with multiple partners while maintaining honesty, communication, and respect within their primary partner. This means couples agree to have consensual romantic and sexual interactions with other people.

So what are the best poly-friendly dating apps out there?

Exploring the Best Dating Apps For Open Relationships


Fantasy is not just your average dating app. It was created specifically for those seeking open relationships and welcomes people with different relationship preferences. As one of the best open relationship apps, Fantasy helps you to nurture poly relationships in a safe community of people with matching interests.

The open marriage dating app is easy to navigate with an option to search for connections based on sexual fantasies, age, relationship status, and sexual orientation.

So even if you are a newbie or just poly-curious this open dating app is the perfect platform to start your non-monogamous journey.


OKCupid is a well-known, diverse and inclusive open relationship dating platform. Boasting one of the largest user databases it allows you to find people with similar relationship preferences. Try this app if you are thinking about diversifying relationship dynamics, or trying open relationships.

OKCupid's user-friendly interface and a well-put matching algorithm will help you to find poly folks to create the relations you were dreaming of. The more specific you are on your profile the easier it will be for you to find people with common interests and relationship preferences. Although some users find open messages annoying.


Tinder, widely regarded as the world’s most popular dating app for singles has grown to embrace open relationships. Let’s face it, we all love Tinder for its user-friendly interface and large user base. There never seems to be a lack of new faces.

But to find a meaningful connection outside of traditional monogamy might be challenging on this app. Use "Open to" feature to underline your willingness to engage in open relationships. While the app has a great dating pool, many users complain it's very much look-based.


Feeld, formerly known as 3nder, stands out as a platform specifically built for polyamorous people. Feeld celebrates diversity in relationships and provides a safe and supportive environment for those interested in ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and alternative partnership models.

Its goal is to create a welcoming space for open communication and interaction within the community of like-minded people. However, it might be a place to find a fling rather than something serious.


Bumble got wide fame for its commitment to empowering women in the dating world. Over time this traditionally “monogamous” app embraced the multitude of relationship models, including open relationships. So now the users can search for non-monogamous connections using the "Open to" option.

Bumble's mission to establish an inclusive environment enables individuals to freely express their relationship preferences and enjoy meaningful connections based on mutual compatibility. It is one of the greatest open marriage dating sites but it comes with its own downsides such as limited likes and paid search filters.


PolyFinda is designed for folks seeking to explore consensual non-monogamy. It was created specifically with the polyamorous community’s needs in mind. The app creates a safe space for poly people to connect, discuss, and develop relationships based on similar preferences.

PolyFinda seeks to create a safe space for users to express their wants and interact with like-minded individuals, establishing a sense of community and support, with a focus on diversity and understanding the complexities of polyamory. But keep in mind that the onboarding process is a bit long and the interface can be confusing at times.


#Open, as the name implies, is a platform that welcomes and celebrates a wide range of relationship models, such as open relationships, ethical non-monogamy, and polyamory. This non-monogamous dating app was created to provide a forum for users to openly express their desires when it comes to poly relationships and connect with others who share their values.

#Open promotes open and honest communication, enabling people to share their desires and stretch boundaries. The app offers you a unique opportunity to build transparent and respectful relations with like-minded couples or singles seeking an alternative dating experience


OpenMinded is a perfect platform if you are interested in open relationship dating and unconventional relationship dynamics. It is ideal for newbies just starting their ENM journey. The app’s goal is to provide a safe space for people to connect and chat with like-minded folks.

OpenMinded highlights the significance of knowing and respecting different relationship preferences, resulting in a community that celebrates the diversity of relationship models. Use this platform to build connections based on mutual respect, communication, and a shared awareness of open relationships. OpenMinded has only a website version.

So What’s Next?

The above-listed open relationship dating websites and apps provide endless possibilities to explore the dynamic nature of modern relationships, allowing you to identify and nurture connections that meet your relationship ideals. Whether you are looking for new people or exploring the existing bond with your loved one, these are some of the best dating platforms for open relationships.

But if you find it hard to navigate these many platforms start with Fantasy app and be sure you’ll find people who want the same things you do.