Top 10 Free Dating Sites for Serious Relationship

Online dating sites have always been a favorite spot for many to meet new people, and with the internet and technology improving, the number of people who are on dating sites only rises.

Especially when the pandemic came around, and people were unable to move outside their homes freely, and there were no public gatherings. That was the golden age for online dating sites, mainly because people understood that they don't only want hookups and short-term relationships, but someone to be there for them.

There is even research that was done that says that there is a higher statistical possibility of having a meaningful relationship and eventually getting married to the people you meet online compared to those you meet offline. And today, we are going to cover top dating sites for relationships.

10 Best Free Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

Whether you are new to dating sites or an experienced user doesn't matter. Dating sites can sometimes be frustrating. Either because they are time-consuming, or you are being catfished or even ghosted, all of these unpleasant situations can ruin your mood or even day.

That's why we created our list to show you the best free dating sites for serious relationships that you can visit and try for free. These dating sites can potentially bring you more luck and more matches, and you will most likely have much less unpleasant situations.

Keep in mind this list is according to our research, and the list isn't in any way or order. But, in the end, we pick who we think did the best job in creating the best free dating site for serious relationships.

To complete the list of free dating sites for serious relationships, we will list explanations of every dating site, the pros and cons, and the price of subscriptions. So, you can look at this list as your complete guide to finding the best free dating site for a serious relationship.

1. Fantasy Match (FNTSY)

Fantasy was founded in 2020 by Andrew Yaroshenko, and at first, it was a sexual wellness platform. Later they pivoted into an ethical, open, polyamorous dating app.

They offer a safe space for people to discuss and date each other without judging and problems that might appear on other dating sites.

Fantasy allows users to add a deck with a topic to the chatroom and discuss it with a match. Also, you can open the deck in the app chat room, invite anyone outside the app, and start a conversation via a link. Another great thing is you can swipe through the deck cards in person.

All those features are something that you don't see on your everyday dating site, and for that reason, Fantasy is on our list of the best dating sites for serious relationships.


  • Greater chances to find compatible matches
  • More personalised experience
  • Safe and discreet way to explore fantasies and kinks


  • Relativley new platform that’s still growing

Subscription plan: It is free with the possibility to buy a premium membership which is $5.49 per week, and there are in-app content prices that start at $9.99.

2. Zoosk

Zoosk was founded back in 2007 by Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh. Zoosk is very diverse in dating, it accepts members from all religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, all races, and all ages above 18.

Zoosk users are mainly from 18 to 40 years of age. However, Zoosk also has a feature called Zoosk Seniors which you might want to consider if you have more than 50 years of age.

Some of the key features of Zoosk are behavioral matchmaking technology, by using this technology you get match recommendations based on how you rated previous matches and what are your preferences.

Zoosk is also available in more than 25 languages, which makes it perfect for people who aren't speaking English.

With more than 40 million users, we needed to put Zoosk on our list of top free dating sites for serious relationships.

  • Very Large dating pool.
  • Free sign-up.
  • The site is available in more than 80 countries and supports 25 languages.


  • No-refund policy.
  • Users complain there are additional hidden fees.

Subscription plan: Free version is available with the possibility to buy a subscription which cost $19.98 for a 3-month plan, and $10.00 per month for a 12-month plan.

3. Match

One of the oldest dating sites that are still in use, Match was created in 1995. What was the key to Match being here this long? A lot of updating, Match is a dating site that is constantly being updated.

Matche’s main goal is safety, as they partnered with Garbo to ensure that every user of Match is safe.

For the features that Match offers, you will need to have a subscription. The main features are Private Mode, Reply for Free, Email Read Notification, and the most innovative matchPhone. MatchPhone is a feature that allows you to make a call or send a text to your match without giving away your mobile phone number.

Because of these features and how much time Match is here, Match deserves to be on the list of the top free dating sites.

  • In-Person Events.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Users can immediately cancel their subscriptions.


  • The software can sometimes be buggy.
  • No requirement to complete the profile.

Subscription plan: Free to download and use, it has a subscription program that starts at $19 per month.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid was founded back in 2003 by four Harvard students. Originally it was not called OkCupid but TheSpark. TheSpark offered study guides with SparkMatch features that would help students find someone. Eventually, SparkMatch got popular and it became a separate site and was renamed OkCupid.

Some of OkCupid's key features are that members are connecting; it is estimated that OkCupid is responsible for over 91 million connections each year.

One of the most important features of OkCupid is its commitment to safety, as they are not tolerate fake profiles and they take them very seriously.

With a staggering number of 91 million connections per year, OkCupid deserves to be called the best site for serious relationships.

  • 13 sexual orientations and 22 gender identities to choose from.
  • Many free features.
  • In-Depth questionnaire.


  • Automatic renewals for subscriptions.
  • Limited free messaging capabilities.

Subscription plan: It's free to download and use, however, if you want to have a subscription it will set you back from $4.95 to $24.90 depending on the package you want.

5. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish was founded in 2003 and it's well known for its many free features, which makes Plenty of Fish one of the best free dating sites for those who want a bargain.

POF claims that they have a ‘fun“ approach to dating sites, and the type of features they have can back that up. For example, there is a game called Cue’d Up! which gives users funny questions with several suggested answers.

Some of the other features include “POF Live!” that allows POF users to create a 90-second Livestream. Do they also have “Are you Sure?” This feature will prompt you if you try to send something inappropriate to another user.

These are the only key benefits of Plenty of Fish. You can find more about POF on the link above. But, with just the benefits that we listed, Plenty of Fish deserves to be called one of the top free dating sites.

  • No initial costs.
  • Many free features.
  • There are games to help you get to know your match.


  • There are a lot of fake or spam profiles.
  • Lots of ads on the free version.

Subscription plan: It's free to use, and the subscription cost $19.99 per month or $9.99 for an 8-month plan.

6. Bumble

Bumble is very close to Tinder regarding some of its features, and also there is a fact that it was made by a former Tinder executive.

The main difference between these two dating sites is that Bumble gives women all of the power, and women initiate the first message. Which is a great way to reduce unwanted messages. But, of course, if the match is made between two users that are the same gender, both can send the first message.

Bumble is very supportive of all of its users, and this dating site is optimized for everyone, not just heterosexuals.

Their biggest feature is that women are in control, also you only have 24h to initiate a conversation so there is no time wasted here. And that's why Bumble is one of the best dating sites for long-term relationships.

  • Gender demographic is equal.
  • About 60% of matches result in a conversation.
  • Women aren't receiving unwanted messages.


  • Men can't send the first message.
  • Women only have 24h to initiate contact.

Subscription plan: You will most likely not need premium and boost versions since the free version does many things. But, if you want it Boost starts at $9.99 per week, and the premium starts at $39.99 per month.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel

Founded in 2011 by three sisters, Coffee Meets Bagel was created with the intention to change online dating for the better.

They claim that they know how to set up a long-term relationship. To back that up, Coffee Meets Bagel has more than 90% of their users saying that they are there only for serious relationships. Because of that fact, they are on the list of top free dating sites for serious relationships.

The key feature of Coffee Meets Bagel is the “must-have” algorithm, which would show you, anyone, except exactly what you are looking for.

  • In-Depth Profiles
  • Free Sign-up
  • No endless scrolling


  • Fraud risk.
  • Free account limitations.

Subscription plan: It's free to use, but they offer some premium features that can only be accessed by subscription. Those subscriptions range from $20 to $35 per month.

8. Elite Singles

EliteSingles was launched in 2013, it was created by Spark Network, a company that specializes in serious dating sites.

EliteSingles was founded on the “Big Five Model of Personality” concept in modern psychology where you find five main personality dimensions of someone, and you match based on that.

These five broad personality traits are agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and extraversion.

Key features of EliteSingles are intelligent matchmaking, where ES suggests 3-7 partner proposals daily. EliteSingles also want only professional and mature singles seeking a long-term serious relationship.

All of these make Elite Singles one of the most unique and best serious dating sites.

  • Professional and mature users.
  • EliteSingles does the matching for you.
  • Inactive profiles are filtered out.


  • No-refund policy
  • Max of 3-7 matches per day.

Subscription plan: Free to use, but you will need a subscription to have all the features. Subscriptions range from $44.95 per month to $16.95 per month for a 6-month plan.

9. Happn

Happn was created in 2014, so it's new in online dating sites, but we are already seeing it in a lot of lists for the top best online dating sites for serious relationships.

Their user base is young and tech-savvy people, so when you match, response time is fast. Happn is great for those who still believe in love at first sight.

Some key features are FlashNotes which are the messages you can send to other users before matching with them. And of course, standard features like Unlimited Likes, Invisibility Mode, and Criteria Personalization are all part of the premium subscriptions.

  • User-Friendly
  • Prevention of bot accounts.
  • You can use it for free.


  • Not as many people are using it.
  • No compatibility-based matching.

Subscription plan: Basic app is free. However, you can upgrade to premium for $24.99 per month.

10. Eharmony

Eharmony says that they are the first online dating site that uses a proprietary matching system that will supposedly match you only with people that are highly compatible with you.

They are using an 80-question quiz so they can get as much information on their users so they can provide the best service. Eharmony doesn't provide much information about its matching system, but they say that it developed with the help of psychologists.

Eharmony also claims that it has helped more than 2 million people find love, and it also claims that they have more than a couple of million users. This alone can lead to many of its users calling it one of the best dating sites for relationships.

A key feature of Eharmony is the 80-question quiz which helps you find someone that is right for you. Of course, the success rate is a big part here too. More than 2 million people found love on this dating site.

  • Trust and safety team.
  • Basic membership is free.
  • Video dates for premium members.


  • Premium membership isn't transparent.
  • Canceling requires multiple steps.

Subscription plan: Basic membership is free, subscriptions price depends on how long you want to be on the app. For a 6-month plan, it's $65.90 per month, a 12-month plan is $45.90 per month, and the 24-month plan will set you back $35.90 per month.

Best Dating Apps for Relationships 2023 - Final Thoughts

And that's it! There is our full list of the best dating sites for long-term relationships with their pros and cons. We are sure that now you have a general idea of what dating site you have an interest in. And if not, here is our final verdict of what is the best dating site for a relationship.

And here it is, it's time for our verdict on what's the best dating site for a serious relationship, and it's Fantasy Matching. Why? Well, why does Fantasy deserve to be in the number one spot on our list of best free dating sites for a serious relationship?

It's because of fact Fantasy is a safe space for everyone. Fantasy simply encourages being open. Also, there were many more features that other dating sites simply do not possess.