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Работаете над материалом о Fantasy Match? Если у вас есть вопросы, у нас есть ответы.

  • What is Fantasy?

    Fantasy is a sex-positive app for open-minded couples and solos. With Fantasy, users can discover sexual fantasies, invite partners to see mutual fantasies and to swipe for new ones, and connect with new people with the same lifestyle. Most importantly, Fantasy is a community of sex-positive people.

    If users play solo, they can discover new fantasies by swiping through the cards. The cards will be saved to their profile for their own personal use.

    If they want to play as a couple, they can create a Room with a partner. If they’ve both already been swiping, they can see which fantasies they have in common. If not, then they can swipe together in the Room to discover mutual fantasies.

    If they’re using Fantasy to find new people, then they can use the elaborate Search function to explore potential profiles and send new Room requests. Sharing a Room will allow them to see mutual fantasies and swipe for new ones.

  • What is the Purpose behind Fantasy?

    We believe that being true to our kinky selves and our sincere desires is empowering. We’re part of a movement to create a sex-positive culture that embodies a healthy and mature attitude towards intimacy.

  • What is the Vision?

    We are envisioning a sex-positive society. We believe that a sex-positive society is one in which people allow themselves to be inquisitive, to approach sexuality mindfully and to view pleasure with a positive attitude. We imagine a world in which people view sex as more than a physical act, where they have a high level of sexual intelligence, where they reflect deeply on their own sexual desires, where they can openly discuss sex and sexuality free of stigma, and where women are encouraged to pursue their sexuality free of shame.

  • What is the Mission?

    We are on a mission to create a sex-positive society that encourages a healthy, mature, and mindful approach to intimacy and sexual exploration.

    We’ve created an app that provides a safe and experimental space for users to explore their desires. Using Fantasy, users can swipe to explore new fantasies on their own or with their partner, match to see which desires they share with others, and have open conversations.

    We create all fantasies according to our Mindful Guidelines, which prioritize self-reflection, consent, and mindful intimacy.

  • What is the difference between Fantasy and other apps?

    We live in a connected world. That’s why the ability to chat is not enough. We don’t just create a space for people to browse through profiles and message back and forth.

    We’ve been creating illustrated Fantasy Cards — one of the world’s biggest databases of sexual fantasies. We do it according to a set of Mindful Guidelines that encourage mindful sexual exploration.

    Select Fantasy Cards include sensual stories that explore each fantasy from a more intimate viewpoint. Meanwhile, our specially curated Collections delve a little deeper into various topics. Our authors are inspired by both the masterminds of bygone eras and by their own contemporaries; they keep their eyes on scientific advancements, conduct personal experiments, and explore sexuality in everyday life.

    That’s why Fantasy is open to solo or group usage. Users can swipe through Fantasy Cards alone just to explore what they like. Or they can invite partners or new people to Rooms, where they can “Play” by swiping through fantasies in order to discover which ones they have in common, thereby learning more about each other and about themselves. The more people Play, the more they learn. The more people have Fantasy Matches, the more they can discuss.

  • Where does technology fit into mindful intimacy?

    We want our app to educate users, to facilitate interpersonal connection and personal exploration, and to stimulate conversations about desire, both for individual and group use.

    Our app is a method to open up real-world communication, not replace it. In other words, we use high tech to create high touch.

  • Who is the app for?

    Fantasy users are united by our values: mindfulness and self-reflection, playfulness, sincere communication, modern relationships, the power of community, diversity and open-mindedness, pleasure, and openness.

    Fantasy was created for couples and solos. The app is open to couples in any type of relationship, from monogamy to alternative lifestyles. People in polyamorous relationships, couples in open relationships or open marriages, monogamish couples, swingers, open-minded and like-minded people, libertines, ethical sluts, kinksters, and unicorns are all welcome.

  • What are the app’s basic rules?

    All Fantasy users are expected to uphold our Community Standards. To use Fantasy, you need to keep in mind two types of rules: mandatory (whose violation will cause an account block or deletion) and etiquette (which are advisable to follow).

    The mandatory rules are:

    • Fantasy is available only to users who are 21+.
    • Don’t use any pictures containing nudity or sexual intercourse.

    But don’t forget the etiquette guidelines! They are as follows:

    • Have integrity with other users’ data. Don’t pass out information that you’ve obtained using the app.
    • Respect the refusal. If someone turns down your proposal or even stops communicating altogether, don’t be too persistent. No means no. Fantasy is a community of people who know not just what they want, but also what they don’t want.
  • In what countries and cities Fantasy currently active?

    Fantasy is available in almost all English-speaking countries in the world. To use the app, users have to be at least 21 years old and can be solo or couples.

    To search for new people, Fantasy is available in select American, European, Australian, and South American cities. We prefer quality over quantity, and it’s more important that our users find the app useful, even if that means lower numbers while we perfect the app.

    We use the “Active City” system. As soon as a certain number of people in a city join, Fantasy switches the city into active mode. Users living in an Active City can see each other and, when traveling, can shift among Active Cities.

  • Do users have to pay to use Fantasy?

    Fantasy is free to use because we want to make it accessible for everyone to practice mindful intimacy. Users can just set up an account and start exploring new Fantasy Cards daily. They can also invite their partners to play in Rooms, or scroll through other people’s profiles in Search.

    We do, however, offer Curated Collections and a Club Membership subscription for users who want a little more. Membership privileges include a higher swiping limit per day, an unlimited number of Rooms, ScreenProtect (custom privacy settings), and more.

  • What are Curated Collections?

    Curated Collections are carefully selected, hand-curated sets of cards that explore various topics more in-depth. On the cards, users can discover ideas for new fantasies, read sensual Stories, and use the cards to play in Rooms.

    After swiping Cards from these Collections, users will be able to share these Cards in private Rooms with other participants. By doing so, they can see if there is a Fantasy Match for these special cards, which they won’t find in the rest of Fantasy. Any participant in the Room will be able to swipe through these curated Cards. The only difference is that if a participant hasn’t purchased the Collection, then the cards will not be saved to their profile.

  • Is users’ information private?

    Absolutely. We understand that sexual exploration is a personal journey, and so you never want your information to be shared with people you have not consensually given that information to. Fantasy never shares personalized data outside without users’ permission — we keep it completely confidential. Respect for privacy is very important to us!

    We use various safeguards to protect the personal information submitted to us. However, no method of transmission over the Internet or via mobile device, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. While we strive to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.


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