What is the purpose of creating Fantasy?


We want the world to be a place for happy people connected by harmonious bonds. We want to contribute to the development of human sexual awareness by helping people comprehend sexual fantasies and roles, from the first stage of sexuality development to the fourth: making fantasies more sophisticated and integrating them into everyday life (see “What are the stages of sexual development?”). Fantasy is a guide and assistant for everyone who wants to better know themselves, their fantasies and their roles.

Does this mean we want everyone to become more sexually omnivorous? Do we want to turn the world into a global love-in? No way! However, we welcome the ideas of sexual humanism and responsible hedonism, and we strive for establishing a sexual culture embedded with ideas of personal growth, intensified emotional experience between partners, conscious desires and responsible attitudes towards the self and partners. Ours is a culture that leaves no room for reproach, blame, humiliation and intolerance toward people of all genders and sexualities.

Fantasy — the app for open-minded