Do people on Fantasy have to abide by a specific etiquette?

Of course! Just like any civilized space, we have our code of conduct!

  1. Ask for permission.

Don’t do things that may upset another sex-positive user:

- don’t send your intimate pictures without permission;

- don’t use rude words and obscenities (without your match’s consent).

  1. Use your photo in the profile.

If your sexual fantasy is better represented in a photo of somebody else, make a respective note in your profile.

  1. Don’t use your profile to write about your financial status or give out emails or postal addresses — either your own or those of other people.

Excessive openness indicates an artless mind. Making this kind of data open is appropriate only when dealing with someone you know and trust.

  1. Take the initiative.

No one is obliged to be the first to talk, but endless waiting won’t get you anywhere. If you match with someone, strike up a conversation, even if your fantasy involves playing the one who’s hard to get 🙂

Fantasy — the app for open-minded